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Detail from the Last Supper stained glass window in All Saints Parish Church Croydon, in memory of Sophia Mirabella Sandilands, wife of the rector 1859 Wimpole Past Logo
Speculum Gregis 1843
'An Account of all the Inhabitants of the Parish of Croydon
in the County of Cambridgeshire commencing from 1 January 1843'
by Reverend Francis Fulford 1803-1868 (Rector at Croydon 1841-1845).
Additional notes by Reverend R S B Sandilands (Rector 1845-1864).
The 1841 Census (Annotated) for Croydon
Entries from the 1841 census for the parish of Croydon-cum-Clopton have been provided as a background resource to the 'Speculum Gregis'. The census was taken on the night of Sunday 6 June 1841 (ie 2 years before the 'Speculum Gregis' was written).
The names listed in the census include a number of transcription errors. I have added the generally accepted name taken from the Church Records and/or from the pages of the 'Speculum Gregis' in [square brackets] where appropriate.
I have also added notes and family information in [square brackets] where appropriate.
The ages taken at the 1841 census were approximate. All ages 15 and above should have been rounded down to the nearest 5 year multiple, i.e. ages shown as 15 may be 15-19, ages shown as 20 may be 20-24, etc. This does not appear consistant.
The enumerator also reported that 26 Croydon labourers were "having left the district for the hay harvest in the neighbourhood of London", which would explain the absence of a number of the known heads of households.
The 1841 Census for Croydon-cum-Clopton, Cambridgeshire.
Reference: Ref. HO 107/63/8 (with acknowledgement to the Public Record Office).
Date of Census: Sunday 6 June 1841.
Population (1841 census): 000. (1851 Census: 000) (1861 Census: 000)
There is a national Census every ten years when the year ends in a one. This page details the population of the Parish of Croydon on the night of 6 June 1841 - just 2 years before the 'Speculum Gregis' was written. The census includes children and visitors from outside the parish in temporary residence within Croydon on the night of the census).
Table Columns (left to right):
   1. Forename.
   2. Family Name.
   3. Age.
   [4. Male/Female.]
   5. Occupation [and notes].
   6. Born Cambridgeshire? Yes/No.
   [7. Additional column with links to internal Speculum Gregis pages.]
[Information, notes and comments additional to the 1841 Census are generally shown in grey within square brackets]
I would be pleased to hear from you if you can offer any additional genealogical or family information relevant to these pages, especially if you possess old photographs that could be added to this site for those who follow. Please use the site's Contact Page in the first instance.
1841 Census - Page One
Unidentified Dwelling (Folio 3B)
Samuel BARTELL 30 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 1
Mary BARTELL 30 F   N "    
James BARTELL   9 M   Y "    
Samuel BARTELL   4 M   Y "    
Thomas BARTELL   2 M   Y "    
Sarah BARTELL 6m F   Y "    
[1] The Bartell family moved to the "Carpenter's Arms" Public House in Croydon Road in 1842
Cottage opposite Wendy Turnpike Gate on Lower Road (Folio 3B)
William PEDLEY 25 M Agricultural Labourer N Page 89
Persillier [Priscilla] PEDLEY 25 F   Y "    
Alfred PEDLEY 5m M   Y "    
Unidentified Dwelling (Folio 3B)
David LAW 25 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 69
Kisiah [Kezia] LAW 25 F   Y "    
Ann LAW   1 F   Y "    
David ALLEN 10 M Agricultural Labourer Y "    
Unidentified Dwelling (Folio 3B)
John LEE 55 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 68
Elizabeth LEE 55 F   Y "    
Elizath [Elizabeth] LEE 15 F   Y "    
David LEE 12 M   Y "    
Eliza LEE   9 F   Y "    
Thomas HOWS 20 M Blacksmith Y "    
Sarah HOWS 15 F   Y "    
Unidentified Dwelling (Folio 3B)
William GENTLE 50 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 67
Mary GENTLE 65 F   Y "    
Joseph GENTLE 20 M Carpenter Y "    
Mary [Marianne] GENTLE 15 F   Y "    
Unidentified Dwelling (Folio 3B/4A)
John PATEMAN 25 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 65
Mary PATEMAN 20 F   Y "    
John PATEMAN   3 M   Y "    
Unidentified Dwelling (Folio 4A)
Henry SPENCER 40 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 66
Ann SPENCER 15 F   Y "    
[In the close near Mr Jackson's Farm.] (Folio 4A)
Mary EDWARDS 65 F   N Page 64
William RICHARDSON 40 M Agricultural Labourer Y "    
[Jackson's Farm (Valley Farm?) on Lower Road.] (Folio 4A)
Thomas JACKSON 50 M Farmer Y Page 63
Mary JACKSON 40 F   Y "    
Ann THOMPSON 13 F F.S. [Female Servant] Y "    
James PAINE 25 M Agricultural Labourer Y "    
[Cottage between the "Carpenter's Arms" and the Rectory in Croydon Road.] (Folio 4A)
William PEARCE 50 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 3
Ann PEARCE 45 F   Y "    
Auther [Arthur?] PEARCE   2 M   Y "    
Lydia PEARCE 15 F   Y "    
[Cottage near to "The Carpenter's Arms" in Croydon Road.] (Folio 4A)
James THATCHER 45 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 2
Jane THATCHER 45 F   Y "    
Richard HAGGER 40 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 8
James TITMUS 20 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 2
[The "Carpenter's Arms" - Public House in Croydon Road] (Folio 4A)
Richard CARTER 40 M Wheelwright Y Page 1
Eliza CARTER 35 F   Y "    
Cathrine CARTER 14 F   Y "    
George CARTER 11 M   Y  
Jane CARTER   8 F   Y "    
Rebecca CARTER   6 F   Y "    
Alfred WARBOYS 16 M Apprentice Y N/K  
[Rectory Farm] (Folio 4B)
Chandler MEERY [Merry] 25 M Farmer Y Page 62
Ann MEERY [Merry] 20 F   Y "    
Emmily [Emily] ROBERTSON 15 F   Y "    
Maria EDWARDS 15 F F.S. [Female Servant] Y N/K  
Samuel GREAVES [Graves] 25 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 18
John NELSON 14 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 83
[Cottage at Manor Farm] (Folio 4B)
William BLOWS [Blowes] 35 M Agricultural Labourer - Page 82
Mary BLOWS [Blowes] 35 F   - "    
John [1] BLOWS [Blowes] 15 M Agricultural Labourer - "    
Moses BLOWS [Blowes] 13 M   - "    
James BLOWS [Blowes] 10 M   - "    
Kitty BLOWS [Blowes]   7 F   - "    
[1] See c1885 photograph of John Blowes
[Cottage at Manor Farm] (Folio 4B)
Richd [Richard] CLARKE 35 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 81
Mary CLARKE 40 F   Y "    
Hanah [Hannah] CLARKE 15 F   Y "    
John CLARKE 13 M   Y "    
David CLARKE 10 M   Y "    
Charles CLARKE   6 M [believed base-born son of Ruth Endersby] Y [Page 37]
Sarah CLARKE   3 F   Y Page 81
John CLARKE   1 F [believed grandchild of Mary] Y "    
[Unidentified Dwelling - said to be "next door" to last cottage (?)] (Folio 4B/5A)
James HAGGER 60 M   Y Page 83
Biddy [Bridget] HAGGER 50 F [believed previously widow named Nelson] I* "    
Kitty [Catherine] HAGGER 11 F [Nelson] I* "    
Margaret EASY 25 F [née Nelson] I* "    
Eliza EASY   4 F   Y "    
Alfred EASY   2 M   Y "    
[1]* "I" believed to indicate place of birth as "Ireland".
[Unidentified Dwelling] (Folio 5A)
Charles TITMUS 30 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 84
Mary TITMUS 30 F   Y "    
James TITMUS 10 M   Y "    
Thomas TITMUS 5 M   Y "    
Emma TITMUS 4 F   Y "    
Susan TITMUS 2 F   Y "    
['Manor Farm' - Mr Gape's Farm on the Hill] (Folio 5A)
John PEARMAIN 20 M   Y Page 80
Abraham PEARMAIN 20 M   Y "    
Elizabeth PEARMAN 15 F   Y "    
Sarah LARKINS 12 F F.S. [Female Servant] Y Page 78
[Unidentified Dwelling] (Folio 5A)
John SIMONS 20 M Bricklayer Y Page 78
Jane SIMONS 15 F   Y "    
Emmelia [Emily] SIMONS 3m F   Y "    
Charlotte LARKINS 35 F ['Widow Larkins' - Jane's Mother] N "    
Charles LARKINS 15 M [Jane's Brother] Y "    
[Unidentified Dwelling] (Folio 5A)
Edward THOMAS 25 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 79
Maria THOMAS 20 F   Y "    
Edward THOMAS   2 M   Y "    
Rebecca THOMAS 3m F   Y "    
['Croydon Wilds East' - Mr Gape's Farm in the north of the Parish] (Folio 5A/5B)
James LAW 25 M Farmer Y Page 76
Sarah LAW 25 F   Y "    
David LAW   8 M   Y "    
Martin LAW   5 M   Y "    
Phillip LAW   3 M   Y "    
Sarah LAW   1 F   Y "    
Phillip GENTLE 15 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 67
['Croydon Wilds West' - Mr Gape's Farm in the north of the Parish:] (Folio 5B)
William WILKINS 40 M Farmer Y Page 77
Sarah WILKINS 40 F   Y "    
Ivett WILKINS 15 M Miller Y "    
Susan WILKINS 14 F   Y "    
John WILKINS 12 M   Y "    
David WILKINS   9 M   Y "    
Henry WILKINS   7 M   Y "    
James WILKINS   5 M   Y "    
Ann WILKINS   3 F   Y "    
Jane WILKINS   1 F   Y "    
Mary WILKINS 25 F   Y "    
Elizabeth MIMS 15 F F.S. [Female Servant] Y "    
['Croydon Hill Farm', adjacent and west of Croydon Hill] (Folio 5B)
Samuel GEORGE 25 M Farmer N N/K  
Sarah GEORGE 25 F   Y "    
Sarah GEORGE   4 F   Y "    
Mary GEORGE   1 F   Y "    
George MIMS 50 M M.S. [Male Servant] Y "    
Alfred PRESTON 13 M M.S. [Male Servant] Y Page 46
['Tadlow Hill Farm' adjacent and north of Croydon Road] (Folio 5B)
Mary CASB[O]URN 65 F Farmer N Page 74
Phebe [Pheobe] WATSON   2 F   Y N/K  
Sarah HARPER 15 F F.S. [Female Servant] Y Page 74
James SPENCER 20 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 51
['Croydon Road Farm' either side of Croydon Road] (Folio 5B/6A)
Richd [Richard] WHITE 80 M Farmer N [Dead]
Elizabeth WHITE 35 F   N Page 74
Francis WHITE 50 M   N N/K  
William THEOBALDS 30 M Agricultural Labourer Y "    
Sarah YARROW 15 F F.S. [Female Servant] Y "    
Elizabeth YARROW 14 F F.S. [Female Servant] Y "    
Census continues here (Page Two)
Croydon Cottage c1900 John Blowes (1825-1908) 'Axe & Compass' P.H. (as rebuilt) Grave Marker - Mary Ann Pell High Street (1920s)
Procession to the dedication of Croydon's War Memorial, January 1922 'Axe & Compass' P.H. c1914 (before the fire) - Page 1. Ruth Endersby (1820-1902)- Page 37 William Endersby (1819-1897)- Page 37 Headstones, Simons Family - Page 71
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