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Detail from the Last Supper stained glass window in All Saints Parish Church Croydon, in memory of Sophia Mirabella Sandilands, wife of the rector 1859 Wimpole Past Logo
Speculum Gregis 1843
'An Account of all the Inhabitants of the Parish of Croydon
in the County of Cambridgeshire commencing from 1 January 1843'
by Reverend Francis Fulford 1803-1868 (Rector at Croydon 1841-1845).
Additional notes by Reverend R S B Sandilands (Rector 1845-1864).
The Rectors

The 'Speculum Gregis was started in 1843 by the Reverend Francis Fulford 1803-1868 who was Rector at All Saints, Croydon-cum-Clopton between 1841 and 1845.


The 'Speculum Gregis' was continued until 1848 by the Reverend R S B Sandilands who was Rector at All Saints, Croydon-cum-Clopton from 1845 to 1864.

Francis Fulford (1803-1868)
Francis Fulford 1861
(left) Francis Fulford, Lord Bishop of Montreal
Photographed in Canada by W M Notman in 1861.
A Brief Biography: [See also Wikipedia: Francis Fulford]
Francis Fulford, Canadian Anglican bishop, born in Sidmouth, England, June 3 1803 and died in Montreal, Canada 9 September 1868.
Francis Fulford was the second son of Baldwin Fulford of Fulford Magna, Devonshire, by Anna Maria, eldest daughter of William Adams, M.P. for Totnes, and baptised at Dunsford, 14 October 1804. He was educated at Tiverton grammar school, whence he matriculated at Oxford from Exeter College 1 February 1821, and was elected a fellow of his college 30 June 1824, but vacated his fellowship 18 October 1830 by marrying Mary, eldest daughter of Andrew Berkeley Drummond of Cadlands, Hampshire. Fulford proceeded B.A. in 1827, and M.A. 1838, and was created an honorary D.D. 6 July 1850.
He was ordained a deacon in 1826, and became curate of Holne, Devonshire, afterwards removing to the curacy of Fawley. The Duke of Rutland instituted him to the rectory of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, in 1832, where he resided for ten years, and as a justice of the peace as well as a clergyman commanded respect and conciliated goodwill. In 1841 he accepted the rectory of Croydon, Cambridgeshire, which he held until 1845, when he was nominated by Earl Howe to be the minister for the Curzon Chapel, Mayfair, London. He was First Bishop of Montreal, 1850 till 1868, and in 1859 he was appointed by royal letters patent Metropolitan Bishop of Canada.
Alumni Cantabrigienses:
The Rev. Francis Fulford. Entered: 1821. Born: 1803. More Information: M.A. 1842, incorp. from Oxford. 2nd s. of Baldwin, of Gt Fulford, Devon. B. June 3, 1803, at Tiverton. Bapt. Oct. 14, 1804, at Dunsford. School, Blundell's, Tiverton. Matric. from Exeter College, Oxford. Feb. 1, 1821, age 17; B.A. 1827; M.A. 1838; Hon. D.D. 1850. Fellow, 1824-30. Ord. deacon (Norwich, Litt. dim. for Oxford) 1826; priest (Exeter) 1829; C. of Holne, Devon, 1826-30. C. of Fawley, Hants., 1830-2. R. of Trowbridge, Wilts., 1832-47. Chaplain to the Duchess of Gloucester, 1838-50. V. of Croydon, Cambs., 1841-5. Minister of Curzon Chapel, Mayfair, London, 1845-50. First Bishop of Montreal, 1850-68, and Metropolitan Bishop of Canada, 1860-68. Visited England for the Lambeth Conference, 1867, which was held chiefly owing to the representations of the Synod of Canada. Married, 1830, Mary, eldest dau. of Andrew Berkeley Drummond, Esq., of Cadland, Hants., and Lady Mary, sister of The Rt. Hon. Spencer Perceval, Prime Minister. Author, Sermons and Addresses. Edited Colonial Church Chronicle and Missionary Journal, 1848-50. His Life by F. Taylor records that he had the statesman's gift of being able to adapt his words to every kind of audience. Died Sept. 9, 1868, at See House, Montreal. (Clergy List; Crockford; Boase, I. 1111; D.N.B.; Al. Oxon.; Burke, L.G., 1939; Foster, Index Eccles.; Blundell's Sch., Tiverton, Reg.)
Richard Samuel Butler Sandilands (c1790-1864)

Alumni Cantabrigienses:
The Rev. Richard Samuel Butler Sandilands. Entered: May 17, 1809. Died: 29 Feb 1864. More Information: M.A. 1850, incorp. from Oxford. [Eldest s. of the Rev. Richard, of Lower Grosvenor Place, London. School, Westminster.] Matric. from Christ Church, Oxford, May 17, 1809, age 18; B.A. (Oxford) 1814; M.A. (Oxford) 1819. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Jan. 27, 1813. Ord. deacon, 1814. C. of Putney, 1816. Lecturer of St Margaret's, Westminster. Minister of Curzon [p.418] Street Chapel, Mayfair, 1827-45. R. of Croydon with Clopton, Cambs., 1845-64. J.P. for Cambs. Married, Feb. 3, 1820, a dau. of - de Brett, of Chelsea. Author, Two Sermons at Surrey Assizes. Died suddenly at Croydon Rectory, Feb. 29, 1864. (Record of Old Westminsters; Al. Oxon.; Cant. Act Book; Clergy List; Inns of Court; G. Mag., 1864, I. 533.)

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