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Detail from the Last Supper stained glass window in All Saints Parish Church Croydon, in memory of Sophia Mirabella Sandilands, wife of the rector 1859 Wimpole Past Logo
Speculum Gregis 1843
'An Account of all the Inhabitants of the Parish of Croydon
in the County of Cambridgeshire commencing from 1 January 1843'
by Reverend Francis Fulford 1803-1868 (Rector at Croydon 1841-1845).
Additional notes by Reverend R S B Sandilands (Rector 1845-1864).

Banns 1840-1850
The marriage banns for Croydon-cum-Clopton parish have been provided as background information to accompany the "Speculum Gregis" listings. Unless otherwise stated, the banns were meant to have been 'read' three times in the 'home' churches of both the bride and groom.
Unfortunately, no banns were recorded for Croydon between 1805 and 1870. It would appear the parish records have been lost. I will try and recreate at least some of the Croydon records from the banns and marriage registers of nearby parishes (Arrington, Wendy, Wimpole, Orwell and Whaddon). Page under developement.
(See also: Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. All dates 1840-1850 inclusive.)

My thanks and acknowledgments to the Parochial Church Council for Croydon-cum-Clopton and All Saints Parish Church for allowing the online publication of the Church Registers. This page is based on their transcription by T.P.R.Layng.

April 1840 BORK
John Bork, 27, bachelor, thatcher of Dunton parish, son of Henry Bork, thatcher, and Eliza Law, 23, spinster of Croydon parish, daughter of William Law, labourer. [Married at Croydon church]
27 September 1840 WATSON
William Watson of Wendy parish and Elizabeth Green of Croydon parish.

October 1841 BELL
Daniel Bell of Whaddon parish, 23, bachelor, labourer, son of Thomas, labourer, and Eleanor Miller of Croydon parish , 22, spinster, servant, daughter of William, labourer. [Married 13 October 1841 at Wimpole Church]    





22 March 1846 PAYNE
James Payne, widower of Croydon parish, and
Fanny Hollingworth, spinster of Wimpole parish.

December 1847 BARMES [Barnes]
David Barmes [signature Barnes], 21 years, labourer, bachelor of Wendy parish, son of W Barmes, labourer, and Lidia Green 20 years, spinster of Croydon parish, daughter of J Green, labourer.

3 December 1848 WHITBY
James Whitby, bachelor of Wimpole parish, and
Emily Lee, spinster of Croydon parish.



Rev Francis Fulford 1850 All Saints Church, Croydon c1910 Rev Francis Fulford 1861 All Saints Church, Croydon c2006 Rev Francis Fulford 1865
Procession to the dedication of Croydon's War Memorial, January 1922 'Axe & Compass' P.H. c1914 (before the fire) - Page 1. Ruth Endersby (1820-1902)- Page 37 William Endersby (1819-1897)- Page 37 Headstones, Simons Family - Page 71
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