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Detail from the Last Supper stained glass window in All Saints Parish Church Croydon, in memory of Sophia Mirabella Sandilands, wife of the rector 1859 Wimpole Past Logo
Speculum Gregis 1843
'An Account of all the Inhabitants of the Parish of Croydon
in the County of Cambridgeshire commencing from 1 January 1843'
by Reverend Francis Fulford 1803-1868 (Rector at Croydon 1841-1845).
Additional notes by Reverend R S B Sandilands (Rector 1845-1864).
Francis Fulford,
Lord Bishop of Montreal.
Photographed in Canada
by W M Notman in 1861.
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The Speculum Gregis
"An Account of all the Inhabitants of the Parish of Croydon in the County of Cambridgeshire commencing from 1 January 1843"
The Reverend Francis Fulford was appointed Rector of Croydon-cum-Clopton in Cambridgeshire in July 1841, remaining in that parish for four years. In January 1843 he began to compile a list of inhabitants adding their ages, occupations, literacy and church attendance as well as some 'off the cuff' comments. The notebook - a ‘Speculum Gregis’ - or ‘Mirror to the Flock’ - was updated by his successor, the Reverend R S B Sandilands until 1848, when it was put away with other parish documents, and eventually after the departure of the last resident Rector, was deposited in the Cambridgeshire Record Office (P 53/1/11).
A transcription of the ‘Speculum Gregis’ was published as ‘The Rector and his Flock’ in 1980 by David Ellison and Bassingbourn Booklets.
This new updated and corrected online version of the Speculum Gregis’ has the original Fulford preface, the Ellison introduction, a new transcription (both basic and annotated), additional genealogical information, a detailed alphabetical index of names, and background material on the Reverend Francis Fulford, the village Rector who went on to become the first Bishop of Montreal in Canada.
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  All Saints, The Parish Church in Croydon, Cambridgeshire, 2006
All Saints, Croydon Parish Church.
6 May 2006 (© jmc4-Church Explorer)
All Saints is a small gem amongst parish churches. Tucked away on the hill above the village of Croydon, parts of the structure date back some seven hundred years to the early 14th century. The interior walls and ceiling are simple plain lime-wash with little decoration and few monuments.
The Revd Francis Fulford and his 'Speculum Gregis' congregation would probably feel completely at home in the church as it exists today. Perhaps the only obvious change to them would be the stained glass in the Chancel windows, installed as a memorial to the Revd Sandilands and his family in the 1860s.
The vault beneath All Saints contains the remains of members of the Downing Family who founded Downing College in Cambridge and who gave their name to Downing Street.
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