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Detail from the Last Supper stained glass window in All Saints Parish Church Croydon, in memory of Sophia Mirabella Sandilands, wife of the rector 1859 Wimpole Past Logo
Speculum Gregis 1843
'An Account of all the Inhabitants of the Parish of Croydon
in the County of Cambridgeshire commencing from 1 January 1843'
by Reverend Francis Fulford 1803-1868 (Rector at Croydon 1841-1845).
Additional notes by Reverend R S B Sandilands (Rector 1845-1864).
The 1841 Census (Annotated) for Croydon
Entries from the 1841 census for the parish of Croydon-cum-Clopton have been provided as a background resource to the 'Speculum Gregis'. The census was taken on the night of Sunday 6 June 1841 (ie 2 years before the 'Speculum Gregis' was written).
The names listed in the census include a number of transcription errors. I have added the generally accepted name taken from the Church Records and/or from the pages of the 'Speculum Gregis' in [square brackets] where appropriate.
I have also added notes and family information in [square brackets] where appropriate.
The ages taken at the 1841 census were approximate. All ages 15 and above should have been rounded down to the nearest 5 year multiple, i.e. ages shown as 15 may be 15-19, ages shown as 20 may be 20-24, etc. This does not appear consistant.
The enumerator also reported that 26 Croydon labourers were "having left the district for the hay harvest in the neighbourhood of London", which would explain the absence of a number of the known heads of households.
The 1841 Census for Croydon-cum-Clopton, Cambridgeshire.
Reference: Ref. HO 107/63/8 (with acknowledgement to the Public Record Office).
Date of Census: Sunday 6 June 1841.
Population (1841 census): 000. (1851 Census: 000) (1861 Census: 000)
There is a national Census every ten years when the year ends in a one. This page details the population of the Parish of Croydon on the night of 6 June 1841 - just 2 years before the 'Speculum Gregis' was written. The census includes children and visitors from outside the parish in temporary residence within Croydon on the night of the census).
Table Columns (left to right):
   1. Forename.
   2. Family Name.
   3. Age.
   [4. Male/Female.]
   5. Occupation [and notes].
   6. Born Cambridgeshire? Yes/No.
   [7. Additional column with links to internal Speculum Gregis pages.]
[Information, notes and comments additional to the 1841 Census are generally shown in grey within square brackets]
I would be pleased to hear from you if you can offer any additional genealogical or family information relevant to these pages, especially if you possess old photographs that could be added to this site for those who follow. Please use the site's Contact Page in the first instance.
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1841 Census - Page Two
[The "Downing Arms" Public House on Croydon Road:] (Folio 6A)
William SIMONS 40 M Bricklayer N Page 71
Barbara SIMONS 40 F   Y "    
Jane SIMONS 20 F   Y "    
William SIMONS 15 M   Y "    
George SIMONS 14 M   Y "    
Stephen SIMONS 10 M   Y "    
Samuel SIMONS   8 M   Y "    
Fred[e]rick [2] SIMONS   6 M   Y "    
Elizabeth SIMONS   5 F   Y "    
Susan SIMONS   3 F   Y "    
Emma SIMONS   2 F   Y "    
Thomas RANDELL 65 M Agricultural Labourer P[ensioner?]. Y "    
[1] "And a large family. [William] is a bricklayer..., and a very respectable man... his wife [Barbara] also bears a good character. Some of the sons are unruly. They seldom come to Croydon Church, but go, I believe, to Tadlow." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[2] Frederick William Simons and his family emigrated to Australia in 1858.
[3] See page 71 for information on the "Downing Arms". The Simons family lived in the house and farm from before 1820 through to 1916.
[In the Farmyard behind the "The Downing Arms" Public House on Croydon Road:]
(Folio 6A/6B)
William [1] RAYNER 45 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 72
Ann [1][2] RAYNER 40 F   Y "    
William RAYNER 20 M   Y "    
Edward RAYNER 20 M   Y "    
Harriett RAYNER 12 F   Y "    
Sara RAYNER 10 F   Y "    
Elizabeth RAYNER   8 F   Y "    
Joseph RAYNER   6 M   Y "    
Alfred RAYNER   5 M   Y "    
[1] "[William] works for Mr King of Tadlow. He can't read - his wife can - they mostly attend Tadlow church, they say, which is considerably nearer than Croydon." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[2] "[Ann] is a base-born daughter of Lucy Simpson (page 45)." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[Farm on the Tadlow Road] (Folio 6B)
Charles [1] KING 17 M Farmer Y Page 70
Heneretta [2] KING 20 F [Sister to Charles] Y "    
Maria WENHAM 65 F   Y N/K  
Susan LEE 15 F F.S. [Female Servant] Y N/K  
William [3] WARD[ER] 65 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 70
William PEDLEY 15 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 8  
Robert LION [LYON] 15 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 27
[1] [Contribution: "Charles King (bap Croydon 1823) son of Charles and Elizabeth.]
[2] "He had a sister [Heneretta?] married at Croydon Church July 5 1842 to Mr Youngman of Waterbeach, now living at Arrington Mill." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[3] "William Warder, an aged man, sleeps on the premises by permission, having worked many years in the farm." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[Clopton Farm] (Folio 6B)
William [1] FITZJOHN 70 M Agricultural Labourer [Baliff] Y Page 59
Sarah FITZJOHN 75 F [Sister to William] Y "    
Charles FITZJOHN 30 M Agricultural Labourer Y N/K  
Mary COCK[E]RELL 25 F [Niece of William and Sarah] Y Page 59
Hannah COCK[E]RELL 15 F [Niece of William and Sarah] Y "    
[1] "Aged and rather infirm - he formerly rented this estate - but was cheated by his own relations, and is now employed as bailiff by Mr Elliston. He can read and write." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[2] [Sarah] "is also very aged and infirm and has not left the house for ten or eleven years." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[Clopton Farm ("under the same roof as the last")] (Folio 6B)
James KING 30 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 60
Mary [née Pateman] KING 30 F   Y "    
Alfred KING 5 M   Y "    
Emmelia [Emily] KING 3 F   Y "    
Ellen KING 1 F   Y "    
[1] "He works for Mr Elliston at Wimpole. She is the daughter of William Pateman" - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[2] "King now a sort of overseer for Mr Elliston - he is a steady man - but said not to be very good tempered to the workmen; she is a very quick, good sort of woman." - Rev Sandilands (Speculum Gregis).
[3] Contribution: "James King (1808 Littlington) married Mary Pateman (bap 1815 Bassingbourn) at Croydon-cum-Clopton on 21 March 1836 with children Alfred (bap 1836), Emily (1837), Ellen (1839) and Sarah (1841)".]
[Unidentified Dwelling] (Folio 6B)
John ENDERSBY 50 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 57
Mary ENDERSBY 50 F   Y "    
Stephen ENDERSBY 25 M Agricultural Labourer [Son] Y "    
Richard [2] ENDERSBY 25 M Agricultural Labourer [Son] Y "    
David ENDERSBY 15 M Agricultural Labourer [Son] Y "    
[1] "He can't read, works on the road. She can read a little. They were Christened at Tadlow. They attend Church. A very disorderly set the sons - and all very ignorant." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[2] "An idiot" - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[Unidentified Dwelling] (Folio 6B/7A)
Susan [1] GREEN 25 F   Y Page 58
Lydia GREEN 15 F   Y "    
John GREEN 10 M   Y "    
Ann GREEN 3 F   Y "    
John WALDUCK 15 M Agricultural Labourer Y "    
[1] Husband John Green [aged 45] not present. Possibly away harvesting.
[2] He [husband John Green] can read. She [Susan] can't. He was formally transported [see "The Lost Convict"] for being very active in the agricultural riots, is now a very steady man, sings in the choir at Croydon Church, and is a Communicant. He was a widower and she a widow. - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[Unidentified Dwelling] (Folio 7A)
Thomas [1] LOWINS [3] 40 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 56
Ann [2] [Dinah?] LOWINS [3] 40 F   Y "    
Sarah LOWINS [3] 10 F   Y "    
[1] "He is ignorant and rather given to drink. They are well off..." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[2] "She goes out nursing, is a clean tidy woman, but a great talker." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[3] Surname in Speculum Gregis is spelt "Lowrings".
[Unidentified Dwelling] (Folio 7A)
Joseph [2] DARLOW [1] 30 M Agricultural Labourer Y Page 55
Mary [3] [née Worland] DARLOW [1] 30 F   Y "    
William DARLOW [1] 10 M   Y "    
Joseph DARLOW [1] 5 M   Y "    
Jane DARLOW [1] 3 F   Y "    
Elizabeth [4] DARLOW [1] 6m F   Y "    
Jane WORLAND 60 F [Relation of Mary] Y "    
[1] If I've understood this correctly, Joseph Dellar was born in Wrestlingworth in Bedfordshire. In the Wimpole marriage register he is shown as Joseph Darnell and he married Mary Worland on October 13 1834. In the 1841 census for Croydon-cum-Clopton he was recorded as Joseph Darlow. In the "Speculum Gregis" he seems to be either Joseph Darter or Joseph Darler depending on the transcription. In the Croydon Parish Registers he is Joseph Darnell. In the 1851 census he was recorded as Joseph Darlow again.
[2] "He can read, she a very little. They were married at Wimpole. He used to plays the clarinet at Church, but has been very ill lately. Is now in the hospital - has been much given to drinking." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[3] "She is a women not to be trusted." - Rev Francis Fulford (Speculum Gregis).
[4] Baptised at Croydon as Elizabeth Darnell on 20 September 1840
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