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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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St Andrew's Parish Church, Wimpole
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A history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.

St Andrew's Parish Church, Wimpole
St Andrew's Parish Church, Wimpole
A living church for the Parish of Wimpole, located within the National Trust's Wimpole Estate.
The Church is managed and maintained by the Parochial Church Council

Parish Registers (1560-1863) [.org]
Wimpole's Registers for baptisms, banns, marriages and burials are indexed here.
In medieval times there were no parish registers. Through the efforts of Thomas Cromwell in 1538 a mandate was issued by Henry VIII for churches to maintain parish records. This ordered that every parson, vicar or curate was to enter in a book every wedding, christening and burial in his parish. In 1558 Queen Elizabeth re-confirmed her father's mandate into law and many church records date from that year. Wimpole's own church records for baptisms, weddings and burials began in 1560.
In 1754, the Lord Hardwicke's Act (and yes, that's our Lord Hardwicke [1690-1764], interred in his memorial in the Chicheley Chapel) required separate registers for banns and marriages. The act was passed to prevent clandestine and under-age marriages. To make the Act more effective, a special printed form was devised which called for the signatures of the officiating minister, the two witnesses and those of the bride and groom. Wimpole's church records for banns and marriages in the new format began in 1754.
Churchyard Register [.org]
Alphabetical Index to Known Graves and Monumental Inscriptions
[Huge page rebuilt February/March 2019.
Burials and Interments updated from 2004 to September 2018.
Links to over 100 photographs added.]
Churchyard Plans [.org]
(1) Churchyard Plan with Key showing locations of Known Graves.
(2) Memorial Garden Plan with Key showing locations of Interment Plots.
[New page added February 2019.]
The Yorke Family Vault [.org]
The Vault under the Chicheley Chapel. Resting place of the 4th Earl of Hardwicke.
[Page rebuilt February 2019]
The 'Hound Sejant' [.org]
The Church owns a valuable set of Communion Plate by distinguished goldsmith Richard Blackwell the younger, dating from the mid-1650s.
The Chicheley Family [.org]
Entries from the Wimpole Church Registers 1576-1698,
Baptisms, Marriage, Burials, plus a speculative Chicheley Family Tree.
[With new comments regarding the original position of the Thomas Chicheley altar-tomb.
Page rebuilt March 2019]

The Wimpole Rectors [.org]
Known Rectors from 1291 to 1955.
[Page rebuilt February/March 2019]
"Wimpole As I Knew It"
by Alexander Campbell Yorke
A reminiscence of a boyhood spent at Wimpole Rectory from 1852 to 1871.
External Link
Orwell Group Benefice (online)
The Orwell Group Benefice has five Churches covering five parishes, including Wimpole.
Site includes contact details, church information and times of Church services.

Scroll down for three images:
- The Chicheley Chapel from a early postcard, c1905
- A watercolour of the Church by Henry Reginald Yorke, 1839.
- An aerial view of St Andrew's Parish Church, 2016.

This page was last updated on: 10 March 2019.

St Andrew's Parish Church.
A living church for the Parish of Wimpole, located within the National Trust's
Wimpole Hall Estate.
The Church is managed and maintained by the Parochial Church Council

The Chicheley Chapel c1905
The Chicheley Chapel c1905
Note the tightly packed pews amongst the monuments.
Mrs Bambridge removed the pews in a reordering of the Church.

[From a postcard in my collection]
A Watercolour of Wimpole Parish Church 1839
St Andrew's Parish Church, Interior View 1839.
A watercolour by Henry Reginald Yorke (1802-71) Rector 1832-1871,
recording the alterations to the Church made in 1834-1835.
Note the arrangement of box pews and that the walls to the Nave were painted a rich red ochre.
© St Andrew's Parish Church (picture on loan to the National Trust)
Aerial View of St Andrew's Parish Church 2016
Aerial View of St Andrew's Parish Church 2016.
By permission © John Fielding 2016, all rights reserved.

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