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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire
Curated by Steve Odell

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The Churchyard Register (A to J)
St Andrew's Parish Church, Wimpole
Alphabetical Index to Named Graves, Monumental Inscriptions,
and Known Unmarked Graves.
St Andrew's Parish Church, Wimpole
St Andrew's Parish Church.
A living church for the Parish of Wimpole, located within the National Trust's Wimpole Hall Estate.
The Church is managed and maintained by the Parochial Church Council.
My thanks and acknowledgments to the Parochial Church Council for providing details of the Churchyard Register for St Andrew's Parish Church. This annotated transcription was prepared by David Owen and Steve Odell.
The parish Churchyard Register and Plans are maintained by David Owen.
This page was last updated on: 15 April 2020 and includes burials and interments up to 20 September 2018.
This page covers known burials for surnames A (Arber) to J (Johnson).
Surnames beginning from K (Knowles) to Y (Young) are on Page Two.
Monumental Inscriptions on headstones are shown within "quote marks"
and have sometimes been simplified slightly from the exact wording and the line format shown in the Church Register. However, all information and any given dedications have been retained.
Location of Graves
The grave numbers as listed correspond with the Churchyard Plan.
The plot numbers as listed correspond with the Memorial Garden Plan
Churchyard Plan 2018
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The list on this page is by no means exhaustive and generally only records burials where the grave locations within the Churchyard are known. For the many other burials within the Parish, and especially prior to 1863, please refer to the Wimpole Parish Registers (burial links follow).
Parish Burials:  1560-1599  1600-1699  1700-1799  1800-1850  1850-1899
St Andrew's Churchyard is featured on the 'Find a Grave' website and includes photographs of most of the above-ground graves and memorials. Please accept that neither the 'WimpolePast' website nor Steve Odell have any interest (financial or otherwise) in the "Find a Grave" site and links on this page are provided for information purposes only. We are not responsible for the accuracy of any information given.
St Andrew's Churchyard      The Grave/Memorial Images
# A hash symbol in the Register column denotes a pre-1813 burial and thus in a Register unavailable to us.
(5) A Register number in round brackets denotes an entry in the current Churchyard Register which was introduced in 1973. Entries in this new register currently cover the sequence (1) to (62) inclusive.
=25 An "equals" sign before a grave number indicates a shared family grave.
MG MG in the grave number column indicates ashes interred in the Memorial Garden of Remembrance in the north-east corner of the churchyard.
[Info] Information, notes and contributions additional to the Churchyard Register are shown within square brackets [usually in italics]
[PR:] A "PR:" prefix to comments within square brackets [in italics] indicates additional information taken from the general Wimpole Parish Registers.

The Churchyard Register starts here:
"Monumental Inscription" (where known)
[and additional information from Parish Records]
ARBER John 122 287 "To the memory of
John Arber
who died 29 July 1852
aged 55 years."
[PR: farmer, son of Philip and Anne, married 1838 to Elizabeth Porter ("daughter of a Bird Farmer"), buried 2 August 1852]
ARBER Philip 123 287 "Here lies the body of
Philip Arber
late of this Parish
he departed this life in the
85th [PR: 80th] year of his age
in the year of our Lord 1845."
[PR: born c1765, buried 2 December 1845]
BALL Jane =87 # "Memory of
Jane Ball

who died [date not recorded] 1753 aged 53
Also Sarah Ball
her daughter
died 23 April 1768 aged 27"
[PR: Lives not recorded in Parish Registers]
BALL Sarah =87 # See Ball, Jane.
BAMBRIDGE Elsie =2 (5) See Bambridge, George
BAMBRIDGE George Louis St Clair =2 743 "In loving and happy memory of
George Louis St Clair Bambridge M.C.

of Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire
Born 27 Sept 1892 + Died 16 Dec 1943
Captain Irish Guards 1915-1918
Attached to Diplomatic Service 1922-1933
E'en as he trod that day to God so walked he from his birth,
in simpleness and gentleness and honour and clean mirth."

Son of George Frederick Bambridge and Ada Henrietta (née Baddeley). He became the private secretary to Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and the son of photography pioneer William Bambridge; his mother was the daughter of Major John Fraser Loddington Baddeley, an officer of the Royal Artillery and later of the Royal Gunpowder Factory, Waltham Abbey.
Following the deaths of his mother (1896) and his father (1898), Bambridge was brought up in the family of Cecil Floersheim, the husband of George's mother's sister. He was educated at Eton.
At the start of the Great War, he applied for and received a commission, initially as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Middlesex Regiment, then later as a Captain in the Irish Guards in which he served from 1914 to 1918.
He was awarded the Military Cross. Citation reads: "when the enemy, attacking in great strength, succeeded in driving a wedge into our line, this officer immediately led a counter-attack which was entirely successful, the enemy being driven back with loss and the line re-established. It was entirly due to his initiative and dash that the line was maintained." [The Times, 21 September 1918, page 4 col B].
After the Great War, he served with the Diplomatic Service as an honorary attaché in the embassies in Madrid August 1922 - resigned July 1924, Brussels October 1924, Madrid, December 1925 - resigned 1928 and Paris June 1929 - resigned 1932.
He married Elsie Kipling, daughter of Rudyard Kipling, on 22 October 1924 St Margaret, Westminster, the reception being held at the home of Stanley Baldwin, a Kipling family cousin. (Bio by Geoffrey Gillon)
      "Also of his beloved wife

born 2 Feb 1896 + died 23 May 1976
Daughter of Rudyard Kipling + Benefactress to the Nation"
[Last private owner of Wimpole]

Philanthropist. Born the second child of Rudyard Kipling and his American wife Caroline Starr Balestier. Her elder sister, Josie, died of pneumonia in 1899 while her younger brother, John, was killed in action in 1915, leaving her as the only surviving child, a role she apparently found difficult to cope with especially since her parents never really ceased mourning the lost children.
In October 1924 she married Captain George Bambridge who had served in the Irish Guards, but was at the time a British diplomatic attaché in Madrid and the couple lived abroad for some years. They would have no children.
In 1938 she purchased the 17th century derelict Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire, and spent many years restoring the 2500 acre estate to its former glory.
On January 19, 1939 she christened HMS Kipling, a 'K' Class Destroyer, saying that nothing would have given her father such immense pride and pleasure than that a ship of the Royal Navy would bear his name.
As Rudyard Kipling's only surviving descendant, she also dedicated herself to sort and list the documents which she had inherited from her parents. She purchased what additional documents she could find for sale and sought out others in private possession and had copies made.
When she died in 1976, Wimpole Hall and its Kipling archive were willed to the National Trust. In 1978 the Trust deposited the archive in the University of Sussex Library. (Bio by: Iola)
BARKER James =91 # "Sacred to the memory of
James Barker
who departed this life
on the 11th day of December 1842
aged 78 [PR: 75] years
[PR: of Orwell, buried 19 December 1842]
Also to the memory of Sarah Barker, wife of the above, who died 23 March 1857 aged 95."
[PR: of Burley Hants, buried 27 March 1857]
BARKER Sarah =91 365 See Barker, James.
BARRETT Sophie Louise 168 (46) "Sophie
Louse Barrett

18 hours
Always Loved, Never Forgotten"
BAULK Dennis =71 760 See Skinner, Charles
BAULK Harold John =71 712 See Skinner, Charles
BAYNES Clara Sophia =32 767 See Baynes, Henry
BAYNES Henry Arden Kennett =32 766 "In loving memory of
Henry A K Baynes [Wimpole Rectors]
former rector of this parish
died 18 November 1955
aged 67 years [Image]
Also his mother
Clara Sophia Baynes [Wimpole Rectors]
died 2 December 1955
aged 93 years." [Image]
[Henry Arden Kennett Baynes M.A., of Trinity. Rector of Wimpole from 1949 and Vicar of Arrington, was buried 22 November 1955.]
[Henry's mother, Clara Sophia Baynes was buried in her son's grave on the 7 December 1955]
BEHO Ann 129 # "Here rests in hope of
a happy resurrection
ye body of Ann Beho
wife of Francis Beho
mother of Thomas & Francis Beho
who departed this life in May 1710."
[PR: buried 20 May 1710]
131 # "In memory of Frances Bennett
the wife of John Bennett
who died 8 Jan 1784
aged 78."
[PR: Frances Bonnet, widow of John, farmer, buried 11 January 1784]
132 # "In memory of
John Bennett

who died 22 Nov 1772
aged 21." [possibly 71?]
[PR: John Bennet, farmer, buried 25 November 1772]
BIRD Edward Stanley 152 (21) "In affectionate memory of
Edward Stanley Bird

born 19 August 1920
died 2 December 1987
May he rest in peace"
BISHOP John =29 280 "Sacred to the memory of
John Bishop

who departed this life
19 February 1845
aged 54 years.
[PR: buried 22 February 1845] [Image]
Also of Mary Bishop
wife of the above
who departed this life
26 August 1874
[Note Gravestone clearly names as 'Mary'] [PR and Churchyard Register name her as 'Sarah', aged 85, "...of Alms Houses, burnt", buried 28 August 1874.] [PR: John Bishop married Mary Bass in 1812]
Also of Mary Ann Bishop
daughter of the above
who died in infancy
Suddenly from all earthly care removed, into the presence of Almighty God"
[PR: buried 21 March 1828, aged 2] [Image]
BISHOP Mary Ann =29 131 See Bishop, John
BISHOP Mary [Sarah] =29 467 See Bishop, John
BLOWS Samuel 120 # "In memory of
Samuel Blows

who died 26 November 1774
aged 57 years."
[PR: farmer, buried 28 November 1774].
BULLEN Alfred 17 581 "In
loving memory of
Alfred Bullen
who died 28 August 1893
aged 49 years.
Safely safely gathered in,
Free from sorrow free from sin,
No more childish griefs or fears,
No more sadness no more tears."
[PR: Alfred, baptised 14 April 1844, son of William and Ann, of this parish, buried 30 August 1893]
BULLEN Annie =57 704 See Bullen, John
BULLEN Bessie Evelyn =96 763 "In loving memory of
Bessie Evelyn
who passed away
10 September 1954
aged 48 years. [Image]
Also William Henry

who passed away
2 March 1979
aged 76 years. [Image]
[PR: William Henry Bullen, son of David and Maryann of Orwell parish, born 28 May 1902, baptised 13 July 1902, married Bessie Evelyn Nash of Arrington on 30 April 1931]
BULLEN David =141 799 "In loving memory of
David Bullen

called to rest
14 September 1972
aged 84 years. [Image]
Also his wife Kesiah [Law]
died 15 December 1979
aged 88 years. [Image]
Rest in Peace"
[PR: David Bullen, son of John (carpenter) and Annie, baptised 6 May 1888, as 'gardener of Orwell' he married Keziah 15 June 1915]
[PR: Kesiah Ann Bullen, daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Ann Law. She was baptised at All Saints Church, Croydon Cum Clopton on 26 April 1891]
BULLEN David 70 717 [small marker stone]
In loving memory of
David Bullen

died 14 May 1936
aged 69 years.
[PR: David Bullen, son of David and Emma Bullen, otp, baptised 3 February 1867, buried 'of Arrington Almhouses' 14 May 1936]
BULLEN Eliza 44 706 [unmarked grave]
In memory of
Eliza Bullen

aged 75 years
buried 12 March 1932.
Sister of Mary Whetstone.
[PR: daughter of William and Caroline Bullen, otp, baptised 3 May 1857]
BULLEN Elizabeth =83 725 See Bullen, George
BULLEN Elizabeth Hamblin 103 721 In loving memory of
Elizabeth Hamblin Bullen [Mercer]
died 8 July 1937
aged 56.
[PR: Born Elizabeth Hamblin Mercer, London c1881, married Sidney Bullen of Wimpole in Hackney, London, on 19 August 1906, died at "The Grove Nursing Home, Horsell (Woking)", buried at Wimpole on 12 July 1937]
BULLEN George =83 658 In memory of
George Bullen

husband of Elizabeth Bullen
who died 16 June 1916
aged 77 years.
"The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away"
Also of
Elizabeth Bullen
died 13 December 1938
aged 95 years.
"I heard the voice of Jesus say come unto me and rest"
[PR: George, otp, son of William, labourer, married Elizabeth Money of Streatham, servant, daughter of William, on 14 January 1864. George 'of the Arrington Almhouses' buried 20 June 1916]
BULLEN Harry Gadd 142 765 "In loving memory of
my dear husband
Harry Gadd Bullen

who died 2 May 1955
aged 69 years.
[PR: Harry Gadd Bullen, son of John Bullen (carpenter) and Annie [Gadd], otp, baptised on 25 April 1886, married Mary Elizabeth Lovely (1887-1975) in Stoke Newington, Middlesex]
BULLEN Jessie MG - Jessie [Elizabeth] Bullen
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #15]
[PR: Jessie Elizabeth Ison, daughter of Frederick John Ison and Jessie (Ellum), born 8 November 1911 in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire. Married Cyril Edward Bullen on 23 March 1935]
BULLEN John =57 687 "In loving memory of
John Bullen

who died 4 November 1925
aged 74 years
Rest in Peace. [Image]
Also of
Annie Bullen [Gadd]
beloved wife of the above
who passed away 10 December 1931
aged 79 years
God knowest best". [Image]
[PR: John Coggin Bullen, son of [Blank][probably John Coggin, a local coachman], and Rhoda Bullen, baptised 27 April 1851. Married Annie Gadd, otp, daughter of David at Wimpole on 5 November 1873. Buried 7 November 1925.
[PR: Annie baptised Anne Gadd, daughter of David and Mary Gadd, botp. Married John Bullen on 5th November 1873. Died at Godalming, Surrey, buried Wimpole 17 December 1931]
BULLEN John MG - John Bullen,
died 22 January 1963.
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #1]
BULLEN Kathleen MG - Kathleen Bullen
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #2]
BULLEN Kesiah =141 (12) See Bullen, David
BULLEN Marie Cassandra MG (44) Marie Cassandra Bullen
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #14]

[PR: Marie Cassandra, daughter of John and Cassandra Bullen, born 28 August 1932, baptised 9 October 1932, died 14 November 2002, ashes interred 1 June 2003.]
BULLEN Mary Ann 69 728 [unmarked grave]
In memory of
Mary Ann Bullen

aged 69 years
Buried 29 April 1939.
[PR: of Almshouses Arrington]
BULLEN Roy 111 797 [unmarked grave]
In memory of
Roy Bullen
aged 62 years.
Buried 6 June 1970.
[PR: Roy Bullen, son of George and Susannah, baptised 29 September 1907]
BULLEN Sarah 166 785 [unmarked grave]
Sarah Bullen

aged 88 years
Buried 24 January 1963.
BULLEN William Henry =96 (11) See Bullen, Bessie.
BURNARD John Pett 82 686 "In loving memory of
John Pett Burnard

who died at Wimpole Hall
9 August 1925
aged 60.
Underneath are the everlasting arms" [Image]
[PR: Born 1865 at St Breward, Bodmin, Cornwall, son of John and Jane (Pett). Married Fanny Burnard 1905. In the 1911 Census he was Head of the Househould at Wimpole Hall as Butler and Caretaker, with Fanny as Housekeeper. Buried 12 August 1925]
CAMBRIDGE Charles =35 377 See Cambridge, Owen.
CAMBRIDGE Owen =35 527 See Cambridge, Owen.
CAMBRIDGE Owen =35 527 "In loving memory of
Owen Cambridge
who died 3 April 1885 - aged 75
For 58 years in the service of the
Rt Hon Earls of Hardwicke [Farm Bailiff]
Thy will be done." [Image]
"Also of
Sarah Ann
[Binks], wife of the above,
who died 29 December 1900 aged 91." [Image]
[on second face:]
"Also to the memory of
Owen Cambridge Jun, who died Feb 19 1879
aged 30 years." [Image]
[on third face:]
"Also the memory of
Charles Cambridge
who died 16 June 1859
aged 16 years." [Image]
[PR: Owen Cambridge, Farm Bailiff to Lord Hardwicke, Home Farm, born 1810 Bassingbourn, baptised 21 February 1811, married Sarah Ann Binks, otp, at Wimpole on 12 June 1837, buried 8 April 1885]
[PR: Sarah Ann Binks, wife, born 1810 Holy Trinity Minories, Middlesex, married Owen Cambridge at Wimpole on 12 June 1837, buried 4 January 1901]
[PR: Owen, son, baptised at Wimpole on 15 October 1848, buried 25 February 1879]
[PR: Charles, son, baptised at Wimpole on 3 April 1843, buried 21 June 1859]
CAMBRIDGE Sarah Ann =35 603 See Cambridge, Owen
CARTER Elizabeth =105 639 In loving memory of
Elizabeth Carter
the dearly loved wife of William Carter
who fell asleep in Jesus
11 June 1911
aged 54 years.
"For ever with the Lord, our devoted Mother"
"Also of
William Edmund Carter
died 28 November 1940,
aged 84."
"Reunited" [Image]
[PR: Elizabeth Pratt, baptised 31 May 1857, daughter of John and Elizabeth. Married William Edmund Carter at Wimpole on the 20 July 1876. They had 12 children in 28 years. Buried on the 16 June 1911]
[PR: William Edmund Carter of Croydon, son of George and Mary Ann, baptised 2 July 1854. Married Elizabeth Pratt at Wimpole on the 20 July 1876. Died at Addenbrookes Hospital. Buried 3 December 1940.]
CARTER W.E. =105 735 See Carter, Elizabeth
CARTWRIGHT Charles =124 - See Cartwright, George
CARTWRIGHT Cuthbert =124 684 See Cartwright, George
CARTWRIGHT Edward =124 663 See Cartwright, George.
CARTWRIGHT George Dawson =124 651 "George Dawson Cartwright [Wimpole Rectors]
Rector of this Parish
died 28 September 1913
aged 79." [Image]
"Also of Maria Cartwright [Root]
born 31 January 1842
died 5 July 1911." [Image]
Also commemoration of
"Charles Cartwright
[twin to Edward]
Killed in action
19 April 1916." [No known grave]
"Edward Cartwright [twin to Charles]
Died of his Wounds
11 October 1916".
[Registered Commonwealth War Grave Commission (CWGC) Grave]. [Image]
"Also of Cuthbert Cartwright, priest, at rest 31 January 1925." [Curate at Wimpole 1906-1913] [Wimpole Rectors]
      [PR: Rev George Dawson Cartwright B.A. (1834-1913), schoolteacher, Rector at Wimpole from 1897 to 1913, born Norwich, studied Trinity College, Dublin. Also Vicar of Arrington. Married 7 August 1862 to Maria Root in Sutton Surrey. 14 children (11 surviving). Died 28 September 1913. Buried 2 October 1913.]
[George Dawson Cartwright was born at Norwich on January 24th 1834 and was baptised two days later at St Michael’s at Thorn, Norfolk. He was the son of Francis Cartwright (1796-1875) and his wife Mary Denny (c1790-1881).
His father was a printer and George was the youngest of six children. George became a school teacher and in 1861 was teaching at Baldersby, Yorkshire. The following year he married Maria Root (1842-1911) in Sutton, Surrey and they returned to live in Baldersby.
He then took a BA at Trinity College in Dublin from where he graduated in 1874 and was ordained as a deacon at York Minster that year, returning to Baldersby as curate.
In 1877, the family moved to Cornwall, where George was firstly curate at South Hill, Callington and then became rector of St Enoder. Lastly, he was vicar of St Winnow for five years, also acting as Rural Dean of Bodmin. In 1897 he was invited by Viscount Clifden to take up the position of Rector of Wimpole. He was also Vicar of Arrington.] [Wimpole Rectors]
      [PR: Maria Root, born 31 January 1842 in Leytonstone, London, daughter of Charles [Earl Root and Eliza Shepherd]. Died 5 July 1911. Buried 8 July 1911.]
["Private Edward Cartwright 180598 was the husband of Mary Margaret Cartwright, 1526 Beach Drive, Oak Bay, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Edward was born in Callington, Cornwall, on 29 June 1882, a twin to Charles. He was educated at Truro Grammar School and Denstone College before entering Jesus College, Cambridge in October 1904.
Edward went to British Columbia [Canada] in June 1905 and began farming on Salt Spring Island. It was there that he married Mary Margaret Royal at St Mark's Church, Salt Spring Island on 12 May 1908. Miss Royal was the nanny to the children of the Burrell family of Oak Bay.
Edward Cartwright enlisted with the 88th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force on 8 December 1915. He was at Willows Camp in Oak Bay in April 1916 and sailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia on the SS 'Olympic' on 31 May 1916, arriving in England in June. He was promoted to Acting Lance Corporal in June but returned to the ranks at his own request in August 1916, shortly before he was transferred to the 7th Battalion.
He was posted to France in September and was injured by shrapnel three weeks later. After initial treatment at the No 1 Canadian General Hospital in Etaples, he was transferred to Leeds Military Hospital, where he died of his wounds on 11 October 1916. He was attached to the 7th Regiment at the time of his death."
Edward was buried in the family grave at St. Andrew's Church, Wimpole, where his father was the Rector. From Oak Bay Remembers.]
Charles Cartwright was born in Callington, Cornwall on 25 November 1882, one of twin boys born to Rev. George Dawson Cartwright and his wife Maria, nee Root who had 14 children in all. His father had been a school teacher but by 1881 had became a clergyman. Charles was educated at Denstone School, Staffordshire and at St. Catherine's College, Cambridge. He too became a school teacher and for about four years taught at King Edward VII school in Sheffield.
After leaving Sheffield he went to South Africa where he acted as a special constable during the Johannesburg strikes.
He returned to England in 1913 to teach at St. George's School, Windsor before being appointed second master at Sutton School, Surrey.
On 27 August 1914 he enlisted into the 6th Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment and was promoted quickly through the ranks to Sergeant on 1st November 1914. He was discharged to commission as a Temporary Second Lieutenant in the 9th (reserve) Battalion on 28 January 1915.
It was whilst Charles was stationed at Aldershot that he married Louise Hoyland, the youngest daughter of Charles Hayward Hoyland, a brush manufacturer of Thornfields, Totley Brook Road at Christ Church, Dore on 3 March 1915.
Charles was later attached to the 8th Battalion and served with them on the Western Front from his arrival in early January 1916 until he was killed in action on 19 April 1916, aged 33. Second Lieutenant Charles Cartwright has no known grave and is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, Belgium, and on his parent's grave in Wimpole Churchyard." He is also commemorated on the War Memorial, St. John the Baptist, Abbeydale, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
[courtesy of the Totley History Group]
      [PR: Cuthbert Cartwright, born 27 Jul 1872, son of George and Maria. BA Cambridge University. Curate of Wimpole and Arrington 1906-1913 with his father. Lastly Rector at Feltwell, Norfolk. Died 1925 aged 52, succeeded by his widow Florence Gertrude Cartwright.] [Wimpole Rectors]
CARTWRIGHT Maria =124 641 See Cartwright, George
CHALLAND William 149 # In memory of
William Challand

who died 1 January 1783
in the 67th year of his age.
[PR: Farmer, "of Fen Stanton", "William of Whaddon" married Susanna Ratford, otp, daughter of William, at Wimpole on the 28 April 1751 . Buried 6 January 1783]
CHARTER Annie 97 794 "In loving memory of
Annie Charter [Carter]
died 5 January 1968
aged 83 years." [Image]
[PR: Annie Carter, otp, daughter of William and Elizabeth, baptised Wimpole 25 May 1884, married Bertie Charter, 24, of Arrington at Wimpole on 15 February 1912.]
CHARTER Bertie 98 798 "In loving memory of
Bertie Charter
died 15th July 1972,
aged 84 years." [Image]
[PR: Bertie Charter, 24, of Arrington, married Annie Carter, 27, otp, daughter of William, brickmaker, at Wimpole on 15 February 1912.]
CHARTER Leslie Bertie Edmund 162 660 Leslie Bertie Edmund Charter
aged 13 months
buried 21 July 1916
[unmarked grave]
[PR: Baptised 8 August 1915, Leslie Bertie Edmund son of Bertie and Annie Charter, otp, born 26 June 1915.]
CHESSUM Mavis Mary =153 (62) See Chessum, Victor. (Recent burial)
CHESSUM Victor Frank =153 (28) In loving memory
of a dear husband, father and grandad
Victor Frank

Died 26 April 1992
Aged 59. [Image]
Also of Mavis Mary
Chessum. [Recent burial - details TBC]
[PR: Victor Frank, son of Leslie Frank and Mabel Annie Chessum, otp, born 3 May 1932]

CLARK Charles James MG (38) Charles James Clark OBE MA
died 9 January 1999
aged 82 years
Ashes interred 24 January 1999.
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #10]
COX Richard Charles MG (49) Richard Charles Cox
died 5 January 2014.
Ashes interred 28 February 2014.
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #18]
DAVEY Malcolm MG - Malcolm Davey
[Head Gardener on the Wimpole Estate]
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #5]
DUNN James Gilpin 64 (6) [unmarked grave]
James Gilpin Dunn

aged 63 years
buried 17 June 1976.
Husband of Sheila Dunn.
DUNSTONE James 37 201 Sacred to the memory of
James Dunstone

who departed this life
8 July 1834
aged 44 years.
[plus illegible epitaph].
[Footstone] "J.D. 1834"
[PR: buried 11 July 1834]
DYBALL Bessie =20 (32) See Dyball, Eric
DYBALL Eric Fletcher =20 (9) "In loving memory of
Eric Fletcher Dyball

who passed away
26 February 1978
aged 81 years.
With Christ which is far better" [Image]
"Also his wife
Bessie Dyball
died 22 October 1994,
aged 97 years."
[PR: 4 October 1923. Eric Fletcher Dyball, 27, farmer of Little Abington, son of Edwin Fletcher, married Bessie Franklin, 26, of Hoback Farm, Wimpole daughter of Charles Albert, farmer]
EVERSON Grace Mary 172 (55) Grace Mary Everson
died 5 January 2015
ashes interred 21 January 2015.
[Interment in grave]
FELLOWES Edward Lyon 31 589 [Tablet on Outside Wall of Church]
"In memory of
Edward Lyon Fellowes
Rector of Wimpole & Vicar of Arrington
from 1876-1896
died 23 July 1896
aged 51 years.
Thy will be done"
[Of Brasenose, Oxford. Formerly curate of Ormesby and Mantby, Norfolk and Vicar of Cumnor, Berkshire]
[PR: Father to Rosamond Sophie b1878 and Constance Gwendoline b1881 both baptised at Wimpole."The Reverend of The Rectory, Wimpole", buried in nearby grave, 27 July 1896.]
["When I first played [cricket] for Wimpole, the Rev Fellowes was Captain of our team - and what a captain, and what a cricketer he was!" - W.G. Newell]
FELLOWES Margaret Richmond 30 678 [Tablet on Outside Wall of Church]
"In memory of
[Rosamond] Richmond,
widow of the Rev Edward Lyon Fellowes,
died 9 June 1923,
aged 74 years.
They are in peace"
[PR: Mother to Rosamond Sophie b1878 and Constance Gwendoline b1881 both baptised at Wimpole. "Margaret Rosamond Fellowes, of Cambridge", buried in nearby grave, 12 June 1923]
FLETCHER Ann 137 # In memory of
Ann Fletcher [PR: Anne]
beloved wife of David Fletcher
who departed this life
6 February 1797
aged 31 years.
[PR: Anne, widow, buried 10 February 1797]
[PR: David, gardener to Lord Hardwicke, died 1791]
FLETCHER Anna 138 # In memory of
Anna Fletcher
[Ratford] [PR: Anne/Anna]
late wife of David Fletcher
who died 1 March 1785 [PR: 1784]
aged 31 years
also two of their children who died in their infancy.
[PR: David Fletcher, otp, married Anna Ratford, otp, by lic., at Wimpole 23 November 1780. Anne Fletcher buried 8 March 1784. Also (probably) David John Fletcher, son of David and Anne, buried 21 December 1782 aged 4 months]
[PR: David, gardener to Lord Hardwicke, died 1791]
FLETCHER David John =138 =# See Fletcher, Anna
FRANKLIN Charles Albert =14 736 "In loving memory of
Charles Albert Franklin

who passed away 17 January 1941
aged 70 years.
"One of the dearest, one of the best,
Safe in God's keeping, now at rest."
"Also of Mary Ann Franklin
wife of the above
who passed away August 5th 1956
aged 89 years.
With Christ which is far better." [Image]
[PR: "Charles Albert Franklin, of Cambridge Road, Barton", buried 23 January 1941]
FRANKLIN Mary Ann =14 768 See Franklin, Charles
FRENCH Sarah =107 24 See French, William
FRENCH William =107 22 Sacred to the memory of
William French
who died 7 January 1817,
aged 72 years.
[PR: of Kingston, buried 31 January 1817, aged 76]
Sacred to the memory of
Sarah French
the wife of William,
who died 24 July 1817,
aged 70 years
[PR: widow, of Kingston, buried 28 July 1817]
GADD Andrew =60 726 In loving memory of
Andrew Gadd

who died 31 December 1938
aged 74 years.
Also of
Emma Louisa Gadd
his wife
who died 12 March 1959.
[PR: Andrew Gadd, baptised 4 December 1864, son of David and Mary Ann of New Wimpole, married Emma Louisa Pearce of Mortlock, Surrey (banns only, dated 18 December 1898], buried 4 January 1939, 74.]
GADD Emma Louisa =60 775 See Gadd, Andrew
GADSBY Adolphus Fitzherbert Wooton =15 750 "In loving memory of
Adolphus Fitzherbert Wooton Gadsby

who passed away January 13th 1948
in his 76th year. [Image]
At rest
Also of Beatrice Cassandra [Gleaves]
wife of the above
who died March 22nd 1967 aged 95." [Image]
[PR: Adolphus Fitzherbert Wooton Gadsby, Farmer, River Cam Farm, born 16 April 1872 in Willingham, son of William and Fanny. He married Beatrice Cassandra Gleaves on the 25 February 1892 in Cambridge.]
[PR: Beatrice Cassandra Gleaves was born c1871 in Willingham. Died in Brighton, Sussex]
GADSBY Beatrice Cassandra =15 791 See Gadsby, Adolphus
GADSBY Gladys =16 (17) See Gadsby, Percy
GADSBY Percy Gleaves =16 764 "In everlasting memory of
Percy Gleaves Gadsby
passed away January 11th 1955
aged 43 years.
Resting where no shadows fall. [Image]
Gladys Gadsby
wife of the above
died 22 November 1984
aged 79 years." [Image]
[PR: Percy Gleaves Gadsby was born on 20 September 1911 in Willingham, son of Adolphus and Beatrice, married Gladys Franklin on the 10 December 1932 in Chesterton.]
[PR: Gladys Franklin was born on 6 December 1904.]
GADSBY Shaun 173 (56) Shaun Gadsby
Died 22 April 2015
Buried 8 May 2015.
GIFFORD Eliza Ann =34 665 See Gifford, Macer
GIFFORD Macer =34 659 "In loving memory of
Macer Gifford

who died 26 June 1916, aged 76 years. [Image]
Also of
Eliza Ann Gifford

wife of the above
who died 2 January 1917
aged 74 years. [Image]
Thy will be done"
[PR: Macer Gifford, otp, buried 30 June 1916]

[PR: Eliza Ann Gifford, "of Clare, Suffolk (formerly of Wimpole)" buried 6 January 1917.]
GIFFORD Naomi =33 471 See Gifford, Naomi Eliza
GIFFORD Naomi Eliza =33 442 In memory of
Naomi Eliza Gifford

who died 29 April 1870
aged 13 months.
Also in memory of
Naomi Gifford
who died 30 July 1875
aged 5 years 3 months.
The beloved children of Macer and Eliza Gifford.
"For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
[PR: "Naomi Eliza, otp (in margin - baptised 3 days before death)" buried 5 May 1870.]
[PR: Naomi, otp, buried 1 August 1875.]
GOATES Eliza =119 682 "In loving memory of
Eliza Goates
beloved wife of Thomas Goates
who died 1 March 1924
aged 69 years. [Image]
Peace, perfect peace"

"Also of
Thomas Goates
who died 30 April 1942
aged 91 years. [Image]
[Gravestone clearly states "Goates" for both.]
[PR: Eliza Gadd, otp, daughter of David and Mary Anne, baptised 3 September 1854, married Thomas Goats, otp, at Wimpole on 28 October 1877, buried 6 March 1924.]
[PR: Thomas, (Probably Thomas Goats, "son of John and Sarah of New Wimpole", baptised July 20 1851, buried 4 May 1942.]
GOATES Thomas =119 739 See Goates, Eliza
GRAY Andrew 88 # Here lies the body of
Andrew Gray
who departed this life
the 22nd day of August 1808
aged 60 years.
[PR: gardener to the Earl of Hardwicke, buried 25 August 1808]
GRIFFITH Beryl Marie =125 536 See Griffith, Mary
GRIFFITH Mary Ann =125 544 In loving memory of
Mary Ann Griffith
beloved wife of
Clewin Griffith (1863- ) of Arrington
died 11 October 1886
aged 28 years.
Beryl Marie Griffith

daughter of Clewin and Mary Ann Griffith
died 31 March 1886,
aged 5 months.
[PR: Mary Ann Browne , married Clewin Griffith in Stanway, Gloucestershire on 3 April 1883, "of Arrington" but buried Wimpole, 16 October 1886.]
[PR: Beryl Marie Griffith "of Arrington", daughter of Clewin and Mary Ann, baptised 17 October 1885 at Camden, London, buried Wimpole April 6 1886.]
HAGGER Alfred Jasper =93 707 "Peace
In loving memory of
Alfred Jasper Hagger

who passed away 13 April 1932
aged 20 years.
Abide with me" [Image]
Also his twin brother
John Russell Hagger

died 12 February 1963
aged 50 years.
[PR: Twin brothers, both baptised on 16 May 1912, sons of Reginald Russell and Alma Jasper Hagger, otp, farmer.]
HAGGER Alma Jasper =26 793 See Hagger, Reginald
HAGGER Ann 28 558 "In loving memory of

youngest daughter of
William and Eliza[beth] Hagger
who died 27 July 1889
aged 50 years. [Image]
Affliction sore long time she bore,
Physicians were in vain,
Till God did please to give her ease,
And free her from her pain."
[PR: Ann, born c1839 in Bourne, Cambridgeshire, later [from 1871 Census) "of Cambridge Road Farm", buried Wimpole 31 July 1889]
HAGGER Anne =27 627 In loving memory of
the beloved wife of John Hagger
who died 7 August 1908
in her 62nd year.
"Peace, perfect peace"

Also of
John Hagger

who died 5 May 1913
aged 65 years.
"Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ"
[PR: Anne, born c1846 in Wendy, Cambridgeshire, buried 10 August 1908.]
[PR: John Hagger, farmer, Cambridge Road Farm, buried 7 May 1913, "Church Warden for nearly 40 years".]
HAGGER John =27 649 See Hagger, Anne
HAGGER John Russell =93 786 See Hagger, Alfred
HAGGER Reginald Russell =26 748 "In ever loving memory of a
dear husband and father
Reginald Russell Hagger
who passed away on 28 September 1946
aged 68 years.
Until we meet again" [Image]
"Also of his loving wife
Alma Jasper Hagger [Weary]
who passed away on 5 January 1968
aged 85 years." [Image]
[PR: Reginald Russell Hagger: baptised Wimpole 1st October 1878, farmer, Cambridge Road Farm, otp, son of John and Annie, farmer, married Alma Jasper Weary, daughter of John Tooker Weary (1836-1916), farmer, on 18 January 1911, buried 1 October 1946.]
[PR: Alma Jasper Weary, baptised St. Neot, Cornwall on the 20 November 1882, daughter of John Tooker Weary (1836-1916) and Elizabeth Jasper (1849-1933)]
HALSON James Gregory 154 (23) "To our very special Daddy.
We will always love you.

James Gregory Halson
Born 25 August 1954,
Died 22 September 1989.
Rest in peace my love." [Image]
HART Francis 36 281 "Here
lies the body of
Francis Hart
Commander R[oyal] N[avy]
who in the 49th year
of his age,
departed this life
on the 26th March
in the year of our Lord 1845." [Image]
[Footstone] "F.H. 1846"
[PR: buried 31 March 1845.
"Capt Hart was steward to the 4th Earl of Hardwicke for 10 years. He was a faithful and zealous servant."]

Francis Hart (c1796-1845] joined the Royal Navy aged 12 on the 1st June 1808, as a First Class Volunteer, initially serving on board the frigate HMS Niobe (40 guns) firstly under Captain John Wentworth Loring and then Captain William Augustus Montagu. In Niobe he served off the coasts of Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, the West Indies, and off Greenland and the Western Islands. As a Midshipman, he participated in an action made on the 15th November 1810 by Captain Charles Grant of HMS Diana attacking two French frigates Amazone and Eliza, which were sheltering under the protection of several strong batteries near Cherbourg, and in the subsequent destruction of one of the same ships near Barfleur. He next joined HMS San Josef (110), witnessing two partial actions in the Mediterranean with the Toulon fleet in 1813 and 1814. Towards the end of 1814 he sailed for the East Indies aboard HMS Cornwallis (74) from which ship he was promoted as Acting-Lieutenant to HMS Leda (36). His promotion was confirmed on the 20 January 1818, and he was subsequently appointed to HMS Minden (74), the flagship of Sir Richard King, and then to HMS Conway (26) under Captain Edward Barnard, also in the East Indies. On the 3 December 1821 he transferred to the frigate HMS Seriramis, bearing the flag at Cork of Lord Colville. In September 1825 he moved to HMS Volage (28) under Captain the Hon. Richard Saunders Dundas and then Captain Michael Seymour, serving on the South American station. In August 1829 he transferred to HMS Alligator (28) serving under Captain Charles Philip Yorke [the future 4th Earl of Hardwicke] in the Mediterranean. He attained the rank of Commander on the 26th November 1830, but was not afterwards employed by the Navy."
HAYNES Clara 95 762 In loving memory of
Clara Haynes
who died 29 July 1954
in her 78th year.
HEWITT Charlotte =144 575 See Hewitt, Isaac
HEWITT Isaac =144 685 [Unmarked Grave]
Isaac Hewitt

aged 93 years.
[Buried 18 March 1925]
Also his wife
Charlotte Hewitt

aged 62 years.
[Buried 23 April 1891]
HORSFIELD Archie MG - Archie Horsfield,
who died in 1963.
[husband to Muriel Mary Horsfield and father to Joan and Neal]
[Garage Proprietor in Wimpole 1955-1963]
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #8]
HORSFIELD Edith Vernon =25 780 See Horsfield, Frank.
HORSFIELD Frank =25 771 "In loving memory of
Frank Horsfield
who died 22 February 1958,
in his 89th year.
At rest
Also of Edith Vernon Horsfield,
his beloved wife,
died 6 April 1960,
aged 86.
Rest in peace. United"
HORSFIELD Maureen Ann MG (31) Maureen Ann Horsfield
died 1 April 1994
aged 55 years
[ashes interred 29 October 1994]
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #9]
HORSFIELD Murial Mary MG - Muriel Mary Horsfield [Bullen]
who died in 1986
[wife to Archie Horsfield and mother to Joan and Neal]
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #4]
HORSFIELD Patrick MG - Patrick Horsfield
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #13]
HORSFIELD Richard MG - Richard Horsfield
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #3]
HOSKEN Elizabeth 143 635 In loving memory of
Elizabeth Hosken (Lizzie),
who passed away at North Lodge,
11 April 1910 [although date defaced]
[PR: died aged 53, buried 11 April 1910]
[Ancestry: born 1858 Mawgan, Cornwall, the sister of Ada [on Wimpole 1901 census] and of Mary Thomas [née Hosken] (1865-1930], the wife of John Henry Thomas (1865-1929).
HOWARD Sarah Elizabeth 12 646 In loving memory of
Sarah Elizabeth
(PR: Lizzie] Howard
the beloved wife of Frank Howard
who fell asleep 26 October 1912
aged 38 years.
[PR: "of this parish", buried 31 October 1912]
HOWE Mary Ann 85 548 In loving memory of
Mary Ann Howe
the beloved wife of Joel Howe
who died 1 May 1888
aged 61 years.
[PR: banns: 4 November 1855; "of this parish", buried 5 May 1888]
HYDE Peter Thomas MG (33) Peter Thomas Hyde
[Memorial Garden of Remembrance Plot #11]
INGREY Edward 108 705 [unmarked grave]
Edward Ingrey

aged 77 years.
Died 2 [PR: 7th] January 1932.
[PR: Edward "of Arrington Almshouses", buried on 7 Jan 1932]
ISON Fredrick John 109 747 [formerly unmarked grave - headstone erected in 2001]
"In memory of
Fredrick John Ison
Born 22nd May 1880
Died 23rd Feb 1946."
[Aged 66 years. Buried 28 February 1946, husband of Jessie Ison, father to Mabel Alice] [Image]
ISON Jessie 59 724 [formerly unmarked grave - headstone erected in 2001]
"In memory of
Jessie Ison
Born 16th March 1882
Died 6th Sept 1938"
[Aged 56 years. Buried 10 September 1938, wife of Fredrick John Ison, mother to Mabel Alice] [Image]
ISON Mabel Alice 58 715 [formerly unmarked grave - headstone erected in 2001]
"In memory of
Mabel Alice Ison
Born 12th Jan 1914
Died 10th July 1935"
[Aged 21 years. Buried 13 July 1935. Daughter of Fredrick John and Jessie Ison] [Image]
JEFFERSON Jacob 90 1 This memorial stone
was erected to the memory of
Jacob Jefferson

died 15 January 1813
age 24 years.
[PR: "of this parish", buried 23 January 1813]
JOHNSON Thomas 18 159 Sacred to the memory of Thomas Johnson, who died 1st August 1831, aged 32 years.
[PR: buried 4 August 1831 aged 51].

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