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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire
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1901 Census for the Parish of Orwell (Part Three)
Town Green Road (#100-#102) > High Street (#103-#104)
Town Green Road (#105-#114) > Fisher's Lane etc (#115-#128)
A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.
Town Green Road, Orwell c1905
Town Green Road, Orwell c1905
The 1901 Census for Orwell, Cambridgeshire.
Reference: RG13/1521 (with acknowledgement to the Public Record Office)
Date of Census: 31 March 1901
There is a national Census every ten years when the year ends in a one. This page details the population of the Parish of Orwell on the night of 31 March 1901 (the list includes children and visitors from outside the parish in temporary residence within Orwell on the night of the census).
My thanks and acknowledgements to the 'census team' who provided the documentation and who typed and checked the various page transcripts back in 2002/2003. Particular thanks to Mike Giddings, Susan Giddings, Alexandra Morton and John Parkins for all their help, assistance and encouragement. Any errors are probably mine.
Columns (left to right):
   1. Name.
   2. Relation to Head of Household.
   3. Married, Widow, Widowed or Single (14 years and over).
   4. Age.
   5. Occupation.
   6. Place of Birth.
Any house numbering shown below was used/allocated in 1901 and therefore unlikely to relate directly to present day postal addresses.
[Information, notes and comments additional to the 1901 Census are generally shown italicised within square brackets]
I would be pleased to hear from you if you can offer any additional genealogical or family information relevant to this page, especially if you possess old photographs that could be added to this site for those who follow. Please use the site's Contact Page in the first instance.
Census Records (Parish of Orwell):
Census 1881:  Part One [1]  Part Two [1]  Part Three [1]  New Orwell [1][2]
Census 1891:  Part One [1]  Part Two [1]  Part Three [3]  New Orwell [1][2]
Census 1901:  Part One [3]  Part Two [3]  Part Three [1]  New Orwell [1][2]
[1] Completed pages.
[2] Following a parish boundary change in April 1999, much of the area of Orwell on the Cambridge Road, previously known as 'New Orwell', is now part of the modern-day Parish of Wimpole.
[3] These pages are being rebuilt after their transfer to the new website. The basic listings remain available for reference during the rebuilding.
The 1901 Census for Orwell continued from Part Two:
[This page covers the remainder of Town Green Road following on from Part Two before moving somewhat randomly between Fisher's Lane, Town Green Road and Cambridge Road mixed together.]
Town Green Road (Schedule 100)
Stephen MILLER Head M 64 Bricklayer Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Harriot MILLER Wife M 65   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Dorothy MILLER Grand-daughter     8   Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 101)
John SWAN Head W 71 Bricklayer and Publican Orwell, Cambridgeshire
William SWAN Son M 38 Bricklayer Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Ada M SWAN Daughter-in-Law M 35   Wimpole, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 102)
William WILLMOTT Head M 46 Drum Feeder on Engine [1] Toft, Cambridgeshire
Eliza WILLMOTT Wife M 46   Therfield, Hertfordshire
Thomas WILLMOTT Son S 16 Gardener Orwell, Cambridgeshire
William WILLMOTT Son S 13 Farmers Boy Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Emmeline WILLMOTT Daughter   12   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Florence M WILLMOTT Daughter   10   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Louisa A WILLMOTT Daughter     7   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
[1] Agricultural traction engine (ploughing)
High Street (Schedule 103)
John M JOHNSON Head W 72 Living on own means Orwell, Cambridgeshire
High Street (Schedule 104)
William ROOKE [1] Head M 47 Parish Relief Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Martha ROOKE [1] Wife M 46   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Elizabeth ROOKE [1] Daughter S 18   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
[1] Possibly 'RORKE'
Town Green Road (Schedule 105)
George MULBERRY Head M 81 Shepherd
(Ag Labourer)
Wimpole, Cambridgeshire
Arthur MULBERRY Son S 32 Ordinary Labourer Orwell, Cambridgeshire
John MULBERRY Grand-son S 17 Ordinary Labourer London
Hannah MULBERRY Wife M 71   Wrestlingworth, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 106)
George SMITH Head M 70 Shepherd on Farm Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire
Sarah SMITH Wife M 68   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Bessie SMITH Grand-daughter     9   Tottenham, London
Town Green Road (Schedule 107)
Joseph WILLMOTT Head M 77 Parish Relief Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Naomi WILLMOTT Wife M 71   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 108)
Augustus HAYES Head M 68 Stockman Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Eliza HAYES Wife M 60   Whaddon, Cambridgeshire
George HAYES Son S 41 Farm Labourer Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 109)
William WARD Head M 88 Parish Relief Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Lydia WARD Wife M 77   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 110)
Charles PEARCE Head M 57 Butcher Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Elizabeth PEARCE Wife M 56   Melbourn, Cambridgeshire
Florence M PEARCE Daughter S 17 Dressmaker's Apprentice Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Clara A PEARCE Daughter S 15 School Teacher Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Wilfred E PEARCE Son   13   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 111)
Jabez KNIGHT Head M 70 Ordinary Labourer Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Sarah KNIGHT Wife M 68   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Henry KNIGHT Son S 21 Ordinary Labourer Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 112)
Herbert PARNELL Head M 41 Gardener Domestic Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Caroline PARNELL Wife M 40   Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Herbert PARNELL Son S 18 Grocers Assistant Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 113)
Rhoda PARCELL Head S 55   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Dorothy HALL Border S 11m   Walton on Naze, Essex
Eva MUNNS Visitor S 10   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 114)
John HUDDLESTONE Head M 39 General Supply Storekeeper Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Florence HUDDLESTONE Wife M 33   Hertford, Hertfordshire
Theodore HUDDLESTONE Son     7   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Clement HUDDLESTONE Son     6   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Alfreda YOUNG Border   13 Drapery Apprentice Stevenage, Hertfordshire
George BREED Border S 17 Grocers Assistant Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Arthur BOWERS Border S 15 Grocers Apprentice Earls Court, London
Rose LINDSEY Servant S 18 General Domestic Eversden, Cambridgeshire
The Rectory
Fisher's Lane
(Schedule 115)
Robert W WHISTON [1][2] Head S 44 Clergyman, Church of England Rochester, Kent
Laura WATSON Servant S 59 Housekeeper (Domestic) Newport, Essex
Alice WRIGHT Servant S 14 General Servant (Domestic) Barrington, Cambridgeshire
[1] Rev R W Whiston MA FR Met Soc., Rector of Orwell 1895-1917.
[2] "The Marriage Registers of the Parish of Orwell 1653-1837" transcribed by the Rev R W Whiston.
Fisher's Lane (Schedule 116)
Daniel WARD Head M 49 Ordinary Labourer Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Charlotte WARD Wife M 48   Toft, Cambridgeshire
Nellie WARD Niece     7   Edmonton, London
Fisher's Lane (Schedule 117)
Mary Anne GIDDINGS Head W 67 Parish Relief Eversden, Cambridgeshire
Fisher's Lane (Schedule 118)
Emily A SUMMERLIN Head S 68 Living on own means Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Sarah SUMMERLIN Aunt S 91 Living on own means Arrington, Cambridgeshire
Rose WOOTTON Niece S 24   Wandsworth, London
Fisher's Lane (Schedule 119)
Sarah A JONES Head S 46 School Mistress Ashford, Kent
Fisher's Lane (Schedule 120)
Mary A PLAU [?] Head   59 Living on Means Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Road (Schedule 121)
Albert E MAYO Head M 27 Steam Sawyer Silverstone, Northamptonshire
Jane L MAYO Wife M 33   Barrington, Cambridgeshire
Laura A MAYO Daughter   9m   Barrington, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 122)
Emmanuel SHELTON Head M 47 Farmer Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire
Alice E SHELTON Wife M 36   Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire
Jack E SHELTON Son S 17 Farmers Son Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire
Walter B SHELTON Son S 15 Farmers Son Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire
Joseph SHELTON Son   12   Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire
Robert W SHELTON Son     9   Abbots Ripton, Huntingdonshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 123)
Daphne MALE Head W 63 Parish Relief Wimpole, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 124)
William WAGSTAFF Head W 69 Ordinary Labourer Arrington, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 125)
Henry MUNNS Head M 39 Brickmaker Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Eliza MUNNS Wife M 40   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Mary GILL Daughter S 18 Housemaid Domestic Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Henry MUNNS Son     8   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Town Green Road (Schedule 126)
Samuel WELCH Head M 60 Stockman Cattle Therfield, Hertfordshire
Sarah WELCH Wife M 64   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
William WELCH Son S 27 Horsekeeper Orwell, Cambridgeshire
George WELCH Son S 26 Ordinary Labourer Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Field Barn (Schedule 127) [5]
William CHAPMAN [1][5] Head M 31 Horsekeeper Kneesworth, Cambridgeshire
Mary A[nn] CHAPMAN [1][2] Wife M 35   Eversden, Cambridgeshire
William A[rthur] SPACKSMAN [3][4] [Step-] Son [4] S 15 Stockman (Cattle) Wimpole, Cambridgeshire [4]
[1] Wimpole PR: William Chapman 23 (1870-1951), bachelor of the Parish of Orwell, married Mary Ann Spacksman 27, spinster of the Parish of Wimpole, at Wimpole Parish Church on 1 October 1892.
[2] Wimpole PRs and previous Censuses: Mary Ann Spacksman (1866-1943), daughter of David Spacksman, labourer of Kingston parish, and Elizabeth Spacksman of Wimpole, was baptised at Wimpole Parish Church on 4 March 1866. In the 1871 Census, 5-year-old Mary Ann was living with her parents in the Keeper's Lodge, Eversden Pastures, in Kingston parish. In the 1881 Census 15-year-old Mary Ann Spacksman was working as a scullery maid on Branksea (Brownsea) Island in Dorset alongside elder sister 26-year-old Sarah Ann Spacksman. In the 1891 Census 'Mary Spacksman', 26, is recorded occupying one room at 77 Earl Street in Marylebone (possibly a guest or boarding house of some kind), located just north of Liverpool Street Station in London. She is listed as alone, married, without employment, and born in Cambridgeshire. At this time her son William Arthur is staying with his grandparents in Wimpole (see below). I have been unable to establish any documentary evidence of William Arthur's birth, his birth father, or of any possible marriage.
[3] Early in WW1, son William Arthur Spacksman enlisted into the 7th Battalion Suffolk Regiment at Melbourn, Cambridgeshire. He was killed on the third day of the Battle of the Somme, probably during the attack of Ovillers. He is commemorated on the Orwell Roll of Honour in Orwell Church and the Thiepval Memorial (ie no known grave). The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records: "William Arthur Spacksman, Private 18127, 7th Battalion Suffolk Regiment, died on Monday, 3rd July 1916. Age 30. Additional Information: Son of Mrs. M. A. Chapman, of Field Barn, Orwell, Royston, Herts."
[4] The WW1 Suffolk Regiment Roll of Honour records William Arthur's place of birth as Clapham, Surrey (ie London). There is no record of a subsequent baptism (or of anything else) in either the Wimpole or Orwell parish registers and given that William Arthur wasn't recognised as a 'Chapman', in either life or death, the birth father clearly wasn't the then 15/16-year-old William Chapman. British Army pension records refer to William as 'Step Father' to William Arthur. In the 1891 Census, 5-year-old William Arthur 'Spaxman' is living in Cambridge Road, New Wimpole, with his grandparents David and Elizabeth 'Spaxman', and presumably attending Wimpole CE School. His place of birth is given in the 1891 census as 'London'.
[5] Field Barn was destroyed by fire around 1974. See page 'Field Barn - An Outstation of Manor Farm, Orwell' on the 'Orwell Past and Present' website. The page includes a location map and a photograph of William Chapman with his horses.
Cambridge Road (Schedule 128)
Elias PEARCE Head M 36 Ploughman Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Hannah PEARCE Wife M 35   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Elias PEARCE Son   14 Farm Boy
(Agricultural Labourer)
Orwell, Cambridgeshire
William PEARCE Son   11   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Alfred PEARCE Son     9   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Albert PEARCE Son     7   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Olive PEARCE Daughter     5   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
Mary PEARCE Daughter     2   Orwell, Cambridgeshire
The 1901 Census for Orwell continues in Part Four (New Orwell)
Town Green Road, Orwell c1905
Town Green Road, Orwell c1905
Image from a postcard in my collection.

Orwell Parish Church c1905
Orwell Parish Church c1905
Image from a postcard in my collection.

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