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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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1950 Yearbook
Wimpole Park Training College
Wimpole Park, Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire.
A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.

Index Page (In Preparation)
Editorial Team:  
Editor: Joan Skipsey Literary Editor: R McArthur
Art Editor: J.O. Jones News Editor: Eric Green
Social Editor: John Conway Sports Editor: Molly Dore
Tutorial Advisers: J.O. Longstaff, E.A. Strauss and H. Yaffey.
Page: Contents:
F/C Front Cover
1 Title Page
2 Frontispiece, by J. 0. Jones. (Arrington Gates)
3 Yearbook Index. (Principals, Editorial Committee, Index)
4 The Principal. (Reflections on the final year)
4 The President of the Student's Union.
5 "To My Daughter", by J.M.
6 "Along the Covered Way": a 'last round-up by the Editor, with sundry aid'.
11 "Parkestone Quay", a Sonnet by Ralph Dye.
12 "Sunday Evening", a Poem by Charles Bailey.
12 "Poem", by E. A. Smith-Wright.
13 "Coming To England" by Susi Benedik.
15 "An Unexpected Pleasure" by Florence Stokes.
17 "A Midsummer-Night's Dream" the Natural Setting: a lithograph by Margery E. May.
19 "Tim, a Child Study" by Carmen Turner.
21 WHIM-POLL Your Questions Answered by the News Editor
23 Yours Answers Questioned by Prof. Ratfood, B.A. (T.S.)
25 "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" by Liz Charles.
27 "The Bilingual Child of Derbyshire" by Colin Cluskey.
28 "R.U.R." by R. McArthur.
29 "A September Day" by B. T. King.
31 "Thanks to Vera", a Short Story by Margaret Closs.
32 33 "Wimpole with the Lid Off", a revelation by Molly Dore.
35 "Letter No. 82" by Billee Rothe.
36 "Needlework Method - or Balaclavas for 8-year-olds" by R. F. Radford.
38 "Music Maestro" a Song-Sheet by Parker Court.
40 "The Mad Bull" by Constance Breakspear.
41 "A Song Of Youth", a Poem by Pixie Taylor.
42 "Up the Pole" by J.K
43 "Coming Up", a first impression by Charlie Sole.
44 "...What, a Play Toward!..." by R. McA.
46 "How They Murdered Maria" by Eric Green.
49 "Wimpole Odyssey - A Comedy of Terrors" by Paul Collier.
53 "Keeping One's Head" by Frank Yates.
54 "Cakes And Champagne Brandy" by Lesley D. Grummitt-Wright.
56 Getting Together:
56 - The Courts Day by Day
59 - Society Life (Clubs and Activities)
62 - Sport
B/C Academic Year Diary (9 September 1949 to 29 September 1950)
Twelfth Night - Dramatic Society Netball Team
Football Team Art Group at Work
Electioneering Day Ladies' Hockey Team
Front Cover Page One Page Two Page Three
Page Four Page Five Page Six Page Seven
Page Thirty-Two Page Thirty-Three
Page Fifty-Six
Page Fifty=Seven Page Fifty-Eight Page Fifty-Nine Page Sixty
Page Sixty-One Page Sixty=Two Page Sixty-Three Page Sixty-Four
College_Diary (Back Cover)      

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