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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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Tutors and Staff 1947-1950
Wimpole Park Training College
Emergency Teacher Training College, Wimpole Park, Cambridgeshire.
A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.

College Crest - Arms to the Gown Students and Cromwell Court, Session III, 1949-1950)
This page will list all known tutors and professional staff at Wimpole Park Training College between 1947 and 1950.
The list will be compiled (slowly!) from Yearbooks, College Magazines, Programmes, Google searches and outside contributions. I do not pretend the list will be complete.
My thanks to Rosalind Bolton (née Manning), daughter of WPTC History Tutor F E Manning, for staff names and additional information.
I would welcome all information on (and images of) tutors and staff at Wimpole Park, as well as career highlights of those who taught there. Please send any additional contributions via the site Contact Page.
[Above: Wimpole Park Training College students, grouped in front of 'Cromwell' Court, Session III, 1949-1950. Image courtesy of Mrs Belton (nee Freer).]
The following table of known tutors and staff has three columns:
Column 1 is alphabetical by surname. Forename(s) and nickname included where known.
Courtesy titles as used in the College year books, college magazines etc.
Column 2 indicates Session attended (if known):
(I) 1947-1948, (II) 1948-1949, or (III) 1949-1950.
Column Three is any known additional information:
Information is the known college appointment plus any related connections which are shown in italics within square brackets such as [Science Club], [President: Dramatic Society], cast members or participants in WPTC theatrical productions ["Othello"] for each Session. [Block] gives the location of a tutor's office or hut as shown on the location map on the WPTC Home Page. This column could also have additional information, images, and submitted contributions on a staff member's subsequent educational career and/or significant life highlights.
There may be some confusion between named tutors and members of staff [and their spouses and children], and students and even pupils from Wimpole Park School, where the source material does not make the distinction clear. Please let me know if you spot any misplaced names.
In the first instance, please send any corrections via the site Contact Page.
Known WPTC Tutors and other Staff (List In Early Preparation):
Principal: Mr Heap (1947), Mr E L Hutchings (1948-1950)
Deputy Principal (1947 and 1949): Miss H A Strathdee.
Deputy Principal (part 1948): Miss J Odell.
First Session (I): Summer 1947 - June 1948. (Men only)
Second Session (II): 3 July 1948 - 29 July 1949. (Mixed)
Third Session (III): 10 September 1949 - 29 September 1950. (Mixed)
Mr Robert E Appleby (II) [Block 1]["The Rivals"]["Merrie England"]
Mr N P H Beeching (II) ["The Rivals"]
Mr Bishop (I)  
Mr Brown (I) History Tutor.
Mr Collier (?) [Block 5]
Mr Drake (?)  
Miss Drory (III) [From January: President: Historical Society]
Miss J Eggleston (II) Art Tutor. [Costumes: "The Rivals"]
  (III) Art Tutor. [President: Art and Craft Society]
Mr Heap (I) The original College Principal but retired early due to ill-health. His Deputy (Mr Hutchings) took over.
Mrs B Hutchings (II) ["The Rivals"]
Mr E L Hutchings (I) College Principal. Originally Deputy Principal but took over from Mr Heap who retired early due to ill-health.
  (II) College Principal. [Block 39][President: Archery Club]
  (III) College Principal.
Mr "Jimmy" James (?) Rural Studies Tutor. [Block 3]
Mr Keeley (?) Handwork Tutor. [Block 5]
Mr Kerrison-Jones (?) Mathematics Tutor.
Mrs M Knight (II) ["The Rivals"]
Miss Edna Lewis (?) Craft Tutor.
Mr E W Lewis (II) [Block 37]["The Rivals"]
Mr J O Longstaff (?) Non-Conformist Minister. [Block 37]
  (III) [President: Dramatic Society]
Mr F E Manning (I) History Tutor.
  (II) History Tutor. [President: Historical Society][Vice-President: Tennis Club]["The Rivals"]
  (III) History Tutor. Left WPTC Christmas 1949. [Block 1][President: Historical Society]
Miss M J Meetham (II) Mathematics Tutor. [Vice-President: Tennis Club]["The Rivals]["Merrie England"]
  (III) Mathematics Tutor. [President: United Nations Students' Association]
Mr W "Bill" E May (II) Music Tutor. [Block 5][Music: "The Rivals"]
  (III) Music Tutor. [President: Choral Society][President: Musical Appreciation Society]
Mr Mills (III) [President: Scientific Society]
Mr R T Newman (II) Religious Education Tutor(?). ["The Rivals]["Merrie England"]
Mr Leslie Curtis Ockenden (II) Senior Lecturer in Science. ["The Rivals"] [Block 4] Ex-Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force and RAF Volunteer Reserve.
Miss J Odell (II) College Deputy Principal (session II). [Block 2]
Mr G Parkinson (III) [NUT Chairman]
Mr A C Pierson (?) [Block 38]
Mrs Pierson (III) [President: Geographical Society][Instructor: Old Time Dancing Society]
Mr T "Tom" G Pryor (II) [Block 38]["The Rivals"]["Merrie England"]
  (III) [President: Country Dancing Society]
Mr W F Rayner (II) [Sets: "The Rivals"]
Mr Rawlinson (?) Art Tutor.
Ruth Selig (?) Assistant Matron. German.
Mr G Sellers (II) Handwork Tutor. [Block 3][Stage Manager: "The Rivals"]
  (III) Handwork Tutor. [President: Chess Society]
Mr Senior (II) [President: Cricket Club]
Mr S Smith (III) [President: Scottish Dancing Society]
Miss H A Strathdee (I) College Deputy Principal.
  (II) College Deputy Principal (part).
  (III) College Deputy Principal. [Hon Treasurer: Students' Union][Chairman: Scottish Dancing Society]
Mr Strauss (?) [Block 4]
Mr E J "Taff" Thomas (II) Physical Education Tutor. [Block 2][President: Rugby Union Football Club][President: Association Football Club][President: Swimming Society][Vice-President: Cricket Club]
Miss N Thompson (III) [President: Student Christian Movement Society][Training College Christian Union]
Miss F Truswell (II) ["The Rivals"]
Mr Godfrey G Wicksteed
[See Page]
(I) Quaker, Master Mariner, Tutor and Educationalist. Owner of a remarkable car. Mathematics Tutor.
  (II) Mathematics Tutor. [President: Cricket Club]["The Rivals"]
  (III) Mathematics Tutor. [President: Travel Association Society]
Mr H Yaffey [or Yaffé] (II) English Tutor. [Block 4][Cast/Producer: "The Rivals"]
  (III) English Tutor. [President: Literary Society]
The Principal and Student Guides (2 July 1948)
'Student Guides' with the Principal (2 July 1948)

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