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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire
Curated by Steve Odell

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The Register of Electors - October 1935
Parish of Wimpole, Cambridgeshire

A history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.

The 1935 Electoral Register for the Parish of Wimpole The 1935 Electoral Register for the Parish of Wimpole The 1935 Electoral Register for the Parish of Wimpole The 1935 Electoral Register for the Parish of Wimpole
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This is the 1935 Register of Electors for the Parish of Wimpole.
The Register is unusual to modern eyes as it lists four qualifications setting out who is eligible to vote in both Parliamentary and Local Government elections.
Voting Qualification for Men:
R = Residence qualification
B = Business premises qualification
O = Occupation qualification
D = Qualification through wife's occupation
Voting Qualification for Women:
Rw = Residence qualification
Bw = Business premises qualification
Ow = Occupation qualification
Dw = Qualification through husband's occupation
Qualification for voting (or not) in a Parliamentary election is shown in column 2.
Qualification for voting (or not) in a Local Government election is shown in column 3.
Electors with a "J" after their name are qualified to serve as Jurors.
Where the 1935 'addresses' can be accurately identified, I have added the modern-day address for general interest [square brackets and italics].

Parliamentary County of Cambridge
Parliamentary Polling District: Orwell (BD)
Parish of Wimpole, Royston Herts

Register of Electors - 1935

362 R O Baulk, Albert New Wimpole
363 Rw Dw Baulk, Annie May New Wimpole
364 R O Bird, Albert John Arrington Bridge
365 Rw Dw Bird, Lucy Arrington Bridge
366 R O Bullen, Andrew Village
367 Rw Dw Bullen, Bessie Evelyn The Hollow
368 R - Bullen, Cyril Edward Village
369 R O Bullen, David School House
370 Rw Dw Bullen, Ellen The Hollow
371 R - Bullen, Ernest In Village
372 Rw Dw Bullen, Ethel Brick End
373 Rw Dw Bullen, Florence Village
374 R O Bullen, Harry Gadd Woodyard
375 R O Bullen, John, Junior Avenue Collage
376 Rw Dw Bullen, Kathleen Avenue Cottage
377 Rw Dw Bullen, Kitty School House
378 Rw Dw Bullen, Mary Elizabeth Woodyard
379 R - Bullen, Roy Village
380 Rw Ow Bullen, Susan Village
381 R O Bullen, Walter Brick End
382 R O Bullen, William Henry The Hollow
383 R O Carter, William Village
384 Rw Ow Charter, Annie Village
385 R - Charter, Bertie 21 New Wimpole
386 R - Charter, Eric Howden 21 New Wimpole
387 Rw - Cheesman, Phoebe The Rectory
388 - O Chifden, Francis Gerald,
The Hall
389 R O Davenport, James Manor Farm
390 R O Davenport, John William Manor Farm
391 Rw Dw Davenport, Zilpha Manor Farm
392 Rw Dw Dyball, Bessie Thornberry Hill Farm
393 R O Dyball Eric Fletcher Thornberry Hill Farm
394 R O Franklin, Charles Albert Hoback Farm
395 Rw Dw Franklin, Mary Ann Hoback Farm
396 R O Gadd, Andrew The Stables
397 Rw Dw Gadd, Mary Louisa The Stable
398 R O Gadsby, Adolphus F.
Wooton, "J"
River Cam Farm
399 Rw Dw Gadsby, Beatrice Cassandra River Cam Farm
400 Rw - Gadsby, Gladys River Cam Farm
401 R - Gadsby, Percy Gleaves River Cam Farm
402 Rw - Gardiner, Henrietta The Hall
403 R O Goates, Thomas Village
404 Rw Dw Haggar, Alma Jasper Cambridge Road Farm
405 R - Haggar, John Russell Cambridge Road Farm
406 Rw Dw Haggar, Lily Maria The Bungalow
407 R O Haggar, Philip Reginald The Bungalow
408 R O Haggar, Reginald Russell, "J" Cambridge Road Farm
409 Rw Dw Hall, Amelia Coombe Grove Farm
410 R O Hall, John George, "J" Coombe Grove Farm
411 R O Hinton, James New Wimpole
412 Rw Dw Hinton, Sarah Ann New Wimpole
413 R O Homent, Albert Village
414 Rw Dw Homent, Margaret Jane Village
415 R O Howard, Frank The Stables
416 Rw Dw Howard, Kate The Stables
417 Rw - Howard, Phyllis Wimpole Park
418 Rw Dw Hurst, Lilian Arrington Bridge
419 R O Hurst, Robert Arrington Bridge
420 R - Ison, Charles William The Avenue
421 R O Ison, Frederick John The Avenue
422 Rw Dw Ison, Jessie The Avenue
423 Rw - Ison, Mabel Alice The Bungalow
424 R - Jacobs, Gerald Cecil Old Wimpole
425 R - Jarman, Albert Village
426 Rw - Jarman, Gladys Village
427 Rw Ow Jones, Jane Wimpole Hall
428 Rw Dw Lancaster, Constance Mary Rectory
429 R O Lancaster, Edgar Rectory
430 R O Lee-Warner, Edward Henry Wimpole Lodge
431 Rw Dw Lee-Warner, Iris Beryl Wimpole Lodge
432 R O Mayo, Albert, Senior Woodyard
433 R O Mayo, Albert, Junior Woodyard Cottage
434 Rw Dw Mayo, Elvina Alice Woodyard
435 R O Mayo, George A. Woodyard
436 Rw Dw Mayo, Jane Woodyard
437 Rw Dw Mayo, Mary Jane Woodyard Cottage
438 R O Money, Charles Village
439 Rw Dw Money, Emma Village
440 R O Moss, Ernest Augustus "J" Valley Farm
441 R - Moss, Geoffrey Barringer Valley Farm
442 Rw - Moss, Joan Valley Farm
443 Rw Dw Moss, Lily Valley Farm
444 R O Mountain, Albert Coombe Grove Cottage
445 Rw Dw Mountain, Phyllis Nora Coombe Grove Cottage
446 R - Napthine, Henry Douglas The Hall
447 Rw - Nicholls, Kate The Hall
448 R - Osborne, Bernard Woodyard Cottages
449 Rw Dw Osborne, Jane Woodyard
450 R O Osborne, Philip Woodyard
451 R O Pammenter, George New Wimpole
452 Rw Dw Pammenter, Mary New Wimpole
453 - O Parrish, William Charles Lilly Land (abode: Kingston)
454 Rw - Patrick, Olive School House
455 R O Pell, Harry C. Brick End
456 Rw Ow Pell, Martha Cobbs Wood Cottage
457 Rw - Pigg, Winifred Martha Village
458 R - Pinker, Frank Manor Farm
459 Rw - Pratt, Ada Emma Village
460 Rw Dw Pratt, Alice Elizabeth Cobbs Wood
461 R O Pratt, Charles Cobbs Wood
462 R O Pratt, David Little End
463 R - Pratt, Henry New Wimpole
464 Rw Dw Pratt, Jessie Violet Little End
465 R - Pratt, Joseph George Cobbs Wood
466 R - Pratt, Percy Edward Cobbs Wood
467 Rw - Rayner, Martha School House
468 Rw - Reed, Jane New Wimpole
469 - O Reed, John Shop, in Village
470 R O Reed, William, Stacey Village
471 Rw Ow Reynolds, Effie Lydia Ross Cottage
472 R O Reynolds, George Arrington Bridge
473 R - Reynolds, James Arrington Bridge
474 Rw Dw Reynolds, Jessie Arrington Bridge
475 - O Rolph, Victor Reginald Land (abode: Kingston)
476 R O Rumbold, Charles Arrington Bridge
477 Rw Dw Rumbold, Emily Alice Arrington Bridge
478 Rw Ow Skinner, Ellen Village
479 R O Skinner, John New Wimpole
480 Rw Dw Skinner, Kathleen Ada New Wimpole
481 Rw - Snell, Dorothy The Gardens
482 Rw Dw Snell, Georgina Jane The Gardens
483 R O Snell, William John The Gardens
484 Rw - South, Francis Hilda Maud Brick End
485 R O South, Frank Wood Brick End
486 Rw Dw South, Rose Ann Brick End
487 R - South, Sidney Brick End
488 R - South, William Brick End
489 R - Starling, Charles William Round Cottage
490 Rw Dw Starling, Elizabeth Round Cottage
491 R O Starling, Frederick Round Cottage
492 R - Starling, George Round Cottage
493 R O Stone, Harry North Lodge
494 Rw Dw Stone, Violette Jessie North Lodge
495 R O Waldock, Frederick Sidney Village
496 Rw Dw Waldock, Harriet Village
497 R - Waldock, Maurice New Wimpole
498 Rw Dw Wayman, Elizabeth Ann Village
499 R O Wayman, Walter, Senior Village
500 R - Weary, Frederick George Cambridge Road Farm
501 R O Wheeler, Arthur George Brick End
502 Rw Dw Wheeler, Mabel Ellen Brick End
503 Rw - Whetstone, Mary Southern Road
504 R O Whetstone, William John Southern Road
505 R O Wick, David Edward Cobbs Wood
506 Rw Dw Wick, Elizabeth Mary Brick End
507 Rw Dw Wick, Gertrude Ann Cobbs Wood
508 R O Wick, Richard John Brick End
509 Rw Dw Wilkins, Emily Ann Village
510 Rw Dw Wilkins, Emma Ellen The Stables
511 Rw Dw Wilkins, Ethel Arrington Bridge
512 R O Wilkins, Frank Arrington Bridge
513 R O Wilkins, George Village
514 R O Wilkins, Henry Village
515 R O Wilkins, Jack Stable Cottage
516 R - Wilkins, Leslie The Stables
517 Rw Dw Wilkins, Margaret Village
518 Rw Dw Wilkins, Rosetta Stable Cottage
519 R O Wilkins, Rule The Stables
520 Rw Dw Witherow, Gladys Eight Elms Farm
521 R O Witherow, Sidney, "J" Eight Elms Farm
522 Rw Dw Woodrow, Beatrice Elizabeth The Tower
523 R O Woodrow, George The Tower
524 R - Woodrow, Reginald The Tower

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The 1935 Electoral Register for the Parish of Wimpole

The 1935 Electoral Register for the Parish of Wimpole

The 1935 Electoral Register for the Parish of Wimpole

The 1935 Electoral Register for the Parish of Wimpole

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