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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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Students 1947-1948 (Session I)
Alumni of Wimpole Park Training College
Emergency Teacher Training College, Wimpole Park, Cambridgeshire.
A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.

College Crest - Arms to the Gown Students and Cromwell Court, Session III, 1949-1950)
This page will list all known students who attended Wimpole Park Training College in Session I (from Summer 1947 to June 1948). The intake for the 13 months of Session I was approximately 260 (men only) students.
The list will be compiled (slowly!) from Yearbooks, College Magazines, Programmes, Google searches and outside contributions. I do not pretend the list is complete.
My thanks to Rosalind Bolton (née Manning), daughter of WPTC Tutor F E Manning, for college information and some Session I student names. (August 2020)
I would welcome all information on (and images of) alumni of Wimpole Park, as well as career highlights of those who studied there. Please send any additional contributions via the site Contact Page.
[Above: Wimpole Park Training College students, grouped in front of 'Cromwell' Court, Session III, 1949-1950. Image courtesy of Mrs Belton (nee Freer).]
The following table of known students has three columns:
Column 1 is alphabetical by surname. Forename(s) and nickname included where known.
Column 2 indicates Session attended (if known):
(I) 1947-1948, (II) 1948-1949, or (III) 1949-1950.
Column Three is any known additional information:
Information in [square brackets and italics] is known college connections such as [Cromwell Court], [President of Students' Union], [Choral Society], cast members or participants in WPTC theatrical productions ["Othello"], sports [Football Team] [Rugby Blue] for the year. This column could also have additional information, images, and submitted contributions on a student's subsequent educational career and/or significant life highlights.
70+ years on, there may be some confusion between enrolled students, members of staff [and their spouses and children who often lived on site and participated in activities] and even named pupils from Wimpole Park School, where the source material does not make the distinction clear. An example of this would be a named cast appearance (as a child) in a WPTC theatrical production's printed programme. To avoid future confusion, I have included such names as known (in greyed-out text) and identified their connection with WPTC if known. Please let me know if you spot any badly misplaced names.
In the first instance, please send any corrections via the site Contact Page.
Session I - Known WPTC Students (List In Preparation):
Ancock (M) (I)  
Attwell (M) (I)  
Ball (M) (I)  
Barber (M) (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group]
Barr (M) (I)  
Beattie (M) (I)  
Beeching (M) (I)  
Bird (M) (I)  
Bispham (M) (I)  
Terence Blackborrow (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group]
Booth (M) (I)  
Boyd (M) (I)  
Broadbent (M) (I)  
Brown (M) (I)  
Marwood Eric Brown (?) Ex-57th Tank Training Regiment being demobbed in 1946 as a full sergeant. He trained as a teacher at Wimpole Park Training College, then specialised as a mathematics teacher at St Peter's College, Saltley, before taking up his first teaching post. This was at Nelson Street primary school in Birmingham. He then worked at Smethwick Hall Secondary school, Shirelands Secondary school, Pheasey School in Staffordshire and then at Barr Beacon Comprehensive School in Walsall. He initially served as Barr Beacon's head of lower school and then became deputy head. Mr Brown served on Birmingham City Council for nine years as a Labour councillor representing the wards of Ladywood, Nechells and Saltley for the Labour Party. He died in September 2007 at the age of 91.
Chris Bullen (I)  
Rose-Mary Bullen (-) WP School Pupil.
Butt (M) (I)  
Cameron (M) (I)  
Cannon (M) (I)  
Caple (M) (I)  
Primrose Charter (-) WP School Pupil
Chilcott (M) (I)  
Christine (M) (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group] "Remembered as being Scottish. He served in North Africa, Salerno, Monte Cassino and then participated in a British military mission to Roumania in 1944/45)."
Clarke (M) (I)  
Coggins (M) (I)  
Connelly (M) (I)  
Connor (M) (I)  
Conquest (M) (I)  
Cooke (M) (I)  
Cox (M) (I)  
Coyne (M) (I)  
Crawley (M) (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group]
Ken Darling (I)  
Davidson (M) (I)  
Davis (M) (I)  
Denman (M) (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group] "Remembered as 'Musical'"
Donald (M) (I)  
Doody (M) (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group]
Doster (M) (I)  
Driscoll (M) (I)  
Driver (M) (I)  
Dyer (M) (I)  
Eastwood (M) (I)  
Peter Feloy (I)  
Fookes (M) (I)  
Francis (M) (I)  
Frankley (M) (I)  
Franklin (M) (I)  
Frawley (M) (I)  
Freeman (M) (I)  
Cyril Fry (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group]
Gardner (M) (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group] "Remembered as an ex-Navy instructor, running a building firm"
Gillan (M) (I)  
Gillow (M) (I)  
Gillson (M) (I)  
Gocke (M) (I)  
Goouch (M) (I)  
Goud (M) (I)  
John Graham (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group] "Remembered as an artist with paintings being hung in the Royal Academy. RAF Squadron Leador in WW2. He already had several years of uncertificated teaching experience prior to gaining his qualifications at Wimpole Park. Published a novel about South America."
Green (M) (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group]
Grimes (M) (I)  
Gurr (M) (I)  
B Hall (M) (I)  
Heath (M) (I)  
Hill (M) (I)  
Arthur Graham Hind (I) Ex Captain in the Royal Army Service Corps. Later taught at Trent Bridge Secondry School in Nottingham.
Holt (M) (I)  
Hornchurch (M) (I)  
Hoskins (M) (I)  
George Ireland (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group] "Remembered as a former policeman in Birmingham, ex-Merchant Navy. Played cricket at WPTC. Went on to teach in Yarmouth."
Jeffries (M) (I)  
Jennings (M) (I)  
Jones (M) (I)  
E Jones (M) (I)  
Kaley (M) (I)  
Knight (M) (I)  
Lamb (M) (I)  
Lavin (M) (I)  
Lawrence (M) (I)  
Leedham (M) (I)  
R Levy (M) (I)  
Lomas (M) (I)  
Claude Lozack (I)  
Lycett (M) (I)  
Lynn (M) (I)  
McQuillan (M) (I)  
Major (M) (I)  
R L Malcolmson (M) (I) "Remembered as a talented amateur artist"
Marshall (M) (I)  
Matlock (M) (I)  
Mattey (M) (I)  
Maxwell (M) (I)  
Christoper May (-) Son of WPTC Tutor Mr May. Brother to Peter ("both angelically golden-haired").
Peter May (-) Son of WPTC Tutor Mr May. Brother to Christopher ("both angelically golden-haired").
Frank Maynard (I) Ex-Royal Navy served in Egypt and the Mediterranean during WW2.
    Frank Maynard
    First Headteacher of Chancellor's School in Brookman's Park, later Headmaster at Welwyn Halford Secondary School for 16 Years. Died in 2017.
Miller (M) (I)  
Millest (M) (I)  
Morrison (M) (I)  
Mountain (M) (I)  
Osterritter (M) (I)  
Parsons (M) (I)  
Peacock (M) (I)  
Peart (M) (I)  
Perryman (M) (I)  
Gordan Phillips (-) WP School Pupil
Pickett (M) (I)  
Plant (M) (I)  
Poulton (M) (I)  
Richard ("Dick") Presland (-) WP School Pupil.
Redfern (M) (I)  
George Reynolds (-) WP School Pupil
Richards (M) (I)  
F Richards (M) (I)  
F A Richards (M) (I)  
Rigley (M) (I)  
Robinson (M) (I)  
Simon Robinson (-) WP School Pupil
Rose (M) (I)  
Rowel (M) (I)  
Rowlands (M) (I)  
Rowling (M) (I)  
Rowley (M) (I)  
Rowlston (M) (I)  
Edwin Rudd (I) Ex-RAF Signals. Involved in plays and revues at WPTC, forming the Wimpole Park Players. Started teaching at Salisbury Road Junior School in Hornchurch. In 1950 the Wimpole Park Players changed their name to the Romford Children's Theatre and toured in Europe. Since 1950, Edwin was active in live theatre all his life, including approximately forty Junior and twenty-nine Senior school plays, twenty-three Festivals and thirty-six Summer Theatre 'Shakespeares', as well as 'guesting' for other companies on a number of occasions. He directed more than thirty School Summer plays and a similar number of Nativity plays. Edwin was a great supporter of the National Theatre and attended almost every play, developing an encyclopaedic knowledge of British Theatre. Died in 1998. The Edwin Rudd Scholarship at the University of Exeter was founded in his name.
Sadbrooke (M) (I)  
Geoffrey Senior (-) WP School Pupil. Son of WPTC Tutor Mr Senior.
Sibley (M) (I)  
Sims (M) (I)  
Sparswick (M) (I)  
Speed (M) (I)  
Steed (M) (I)  
Stephens (M) (I)  
Thomas (M) (I)  
Thompson (M) (I)  
Tilbury (M) (I)  
Trickett (M) (I)  
Trident (M) (I)  
Ruth Upton (-) WP School Pupil
Vine (M) (I)  
Leslie Vokes (M) (I) 1970: Became Head of Arborfield & Newland Village School (Berkshire).
Waters (M) (I)  
Brenda Wayman (-) WP School pupil
Webb (M) (I) [Fisher Court][Mr Manning's Tutor Group]
Welford (M) (I)  
Wheeler (M) (I)  
Whitney (M) (I)  
Willmott (M) (I)  
Wilson (M) (I)  
A E Wilson (M) (I)  
Wiseman (M) (I)  
Witney (M) (I)  
Worth (M) (I)  
Wyer (M) (I)  
Gillian Yaffey (-) WP School Pupil. Daughter of WPTC Tutor H Yaffrey.
Yates (M) (I)  

This page was last updated on: 25 August 2020.

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