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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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Wimpole Park School (1954)
Senior Pupils Group - Summer Term
A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.
Wimpole Park School was a temporary community school set up after the Second World War on the Wimpole Hall Estate, Cambridgeshire. The school ran from 1948 to 1955, until Bassingbourn Village College opened.

Senior Pupils at Wimpole Park School c1954
Senior Pupils - Wimpole Park School c1954
Photograph courtesy of Keith Bullen (2003) (re-scanned from the original November 2019)
Image © Copyright 2000-2020 Keith Bullen and the Wimpole Past website.

The teacher in the photograph is believed to be Mrs Dorothy Mansfield, an ex-Naval Officer previously in the Wrens. More pupil names will hopefully follow (although some of the above pupils can also be identified in the 'fully-named' 1953 photograph below).
Back Row (left to right): boy, boy, boy, Robert Arnold, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy.
Third Row (left to right): girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, Irene Lowe, girl.
Seated Row (left to right): boy, girl, Ann Cornett, girl, Mrs Dorothy Mansfield (Head), girl, girl, girl, boy, boy.
Sitting on Ground (left to right): boy, boy, boy, boy.
This is presumably the final term at school for some of the older pupils shown. Younger seniors would be transferring next term to the about-to-be-opened Bassingbourn Village College (school year 1954-55).
Please contact the website if you have any other Wimpole Park photographs, information, memories or can help with missing pupil names.

Wimpole Park School 1948-1955
A Short History [A Slightly Longer History...]
There is a large flat area of arable pasture situated just inside the Arrington Gates to Wimpole Hall, a large country-house in Cambridgeshire now owned by the National Trust.
Between 1944 and 1960 the pasture, or Wimpole Park as it became named, was host in turn to the US Army 163rd General Hospital treating WW2 army casualties of war, (possibly) a small prisoner-of-war camp, a squatters camp, an experimental 'fast track' teacher training college to help servicemen and women returning to civilian life, a community school, emergency local authority housing, and finally a US Air Force Hospital perhaps best remembered for being the 'place-of-birth' for hundreds of Americans.
Wimpole Park School was a temporary community school set up in one of the ex-army Quonset huts left behind after the first hospital closed. The school was situated just inside an additional entrance into Wimpole Park at the bottom of Arrington Hill. Children from the age of seven up to school-leaving age were drawn from the evacuees, plus some from Arrington and Wimpole (and the seniors from Orwell). The education authorities provided cycles for all those travelling any distance.
I'm unsure of the exact dates Wimpole Park School was fully operational but 1948-1955 would seem about right (unless someone tells me otherwise...). The end of the park school began with the opening of Bassingbourn Village College with the seniors being transferred there for 1954/55. The juniors may have continued for a year or two before the remaining pupils were transferred to Arrington Village School.

Wimpole Park School.
A [Slightly Longer] History of Wimpole Park School.
Memories of Wimpole Park School.
   by Alan Jordan (Acting Head 1950-1951, Head 1952-1954)
Wimpole Park School Rounders Team (1953).
My 'Old Wimpole' Childhood - Wimpole Park School Remembered.
   by Irene Bruce (née Lowe)
Arrington Memories. (George Reynolds via Guestbook)
Pupil Group Photographs (Page Links):
   Intake Group - c1950-1951.
   Junior Pupils - c1951-1952.
   Senior Pupils - c1951-1952.
   Senior Pupils - 10 July 1953.
   Senior Pupils - Summer Term 1954.

Wimpole Park School Pupils, Intake Class c1950 Wimpole Park School Pupils, Junior Class c1951
Senior Pupils at Wimpole Park School c1951 Senior Pupils at Wimpole Park School c1953

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