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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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Wimpole (C.E.) School Pupils
A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.
Pupil Group, Wimpole (C.E.) Village School.
A mixed group of 32 school pupils photographed alongside Wimpole Village School in 1923. Miss Friar (Teacher) is on the left, Mrs K Newell (Head Mistress) is on the right. The year date and pupil names are confirmed.
Pupils, Wimpole (C of E) School, April 1932 Sid Reed Jack Hagger George Mayo Jasper Hagger Eric Charter Bernie Osbourne Miss Friar (Teacher) Winnie Pigg Connie Woodrow Mabel Ison Jessie Ison Ruby Bullen Rose Ward Ethel Neaves Doris South Doris Ward Mrs Newell (Head Mistress) Not known Grace Searle Betty Hagger Fanny Ward Winnie South Phyllis Pigg Stella Osborne Maud Reed Evelyn (Evie) Bullen Phillip Searle Cecil Bullen George Pigg Cyril South Not known Not known Ray Ward Eric Bullen
Pupils - Wimpole (C of E) School, April 1932
Image © Copyright 2000-2020 John Bullen and the Wimpole Past website.
Pupil Names:
[Position the cursor over each face for the pupil name to be displayed]
Back Row (left to right): Sid Reed, Jack Hagger, George Mayo, Jasper Hagger, Eric Charter, Bernie Osborne.
Third Row (left to right): Miss Friar (Teacher), Winnie Pigg, Connie Woodrow, Mabel Ison, Jessie Ison, Ruby Bullen, Rose Ward, Ethel Neaves, Doris South, Doris Ward, Mrs Kathleen Newell (Head Mistress).
Seated Row (left to right): Not known, Grace Searle, Betty Hagger, Fanny Ward, Winnie South, Phyllis Pigg, Stella Osborne, Maud Reed, Evelyn (Evie) Bullen.
Front Row (left to right): Phillip Searle, Cecil Bullen, George Pigg, Cyril South, Not known, Not known (= two brothers), Ray Ward, Eric Bullen.
Photograph and names courtesy of John Bullen and Mrs Jessie Bullen (in 2001).
Please contact the website if you have any other Wimpole School photographs, information, memories or can help with any of the pupil names.
1903 (2nd Edition) Ordnance Survey Map, showing the location of the School at Wimpole
1903 (2nd Edition) Ordnance Survey Map, showing the location of the School at Wimpole
Wimpole Village School c1905
Wimpole Village School c1905
Wimpole's Church of England School was completed in 1876, then closed suddenly in 1946
(the brick structure being declared "absolutely unsafe for the children")

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