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A local history and genealogy site for Wimpole, a village and parish in South Cambridgeshire.
Curated by Steve Odell.

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Students 1947-1950
Alumni of Wimpole Park Training College
Emergency Teacher Training College, Wimpole Park, Cambridgeshire.
A local history and genealogy page for the Parish of Wimpole.

College Crest - Arms to the Gown Students and Cromwell Court, Session III, 1949-1950)
This page will list all known students who attended Wimpole Park Training College between 1947 and 1950. The three-year total is believed to have been between 700 and 750 students.
The list will be compiled (slowly!) from Yearbooks, College Magazines, Programmes, Google searches and outside contributions. I do not pretend the list will be complete.
I would welcome all information on (and images of) alumni of Wimpole Park, as well as career highlights of those who studied there. Please send any additional contributions via the site Contact Page.
[Above: Wimpole Park Training College students, grouped in front of 'Cromwell' Court, Session III, 1949-1950. Image courtesy of Mrs Belton (nee Freer).]
The following table of known students has three columns:
Column 1 is alphabetical by surname. Forename(s) and nickname included where known.
Column 2 indicates Session attended (if known):
(I) 1947-1948, (II) 1948-1949, or (III) 1949-1950.
Column Three is any known additional information:
Information in [square brackets and italics] is known college connections such as [Cromwell Court], [President of Students' Union], [Choral Society], [Cast "Othello"] or [Football Team] for their Session. This column could also have additional information, images, and submitted contributions on a student's subsequent educational career and/or significant life highlights.
There may be some confusion between students, members of staff [and their spouses and children] and even pupils from Wimpole Park School, where the source material does not make the distinction clear. Please let me know if you spot any misplaced names.
In the first instance, please send any corrections via the site Contact Page.
Known WPTC Students (List In Preparation):
J Aistrop [M] (III) [Rugby]
Robert E Appleby (Staff?) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Margaret Ashby (III) [Pepys Court][Netball Team][Netball Treasurer]
Tom Ashcroft (II) ["Merrie England"]
James Askew (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
M E Atkinson (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
J A Austin (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Barbara Bailey (II) ["Love and Learning"]
Chas Bailey (III) [Badminton Half Colours]["The Relapse"]
Margaret Baker (III) [Pepys Court]
Cecily Bardle (II) ["Villa for Sale"]
Alan Barker (III) [Men's Hockey Blue]
Joe S Barker (III) [President, Students' Union]["The Relapse"]
A Barklamb (III) [Football Colours][Rugby]
Betty Barnes (III) [Cromwell Court]
    Wimpole Park Students 1949/1950
    (left to right) Doris Whitehead, Margaret Jopling, Helen Boyd, Betty Barnes and Pam Ford, outside Cromwell Court. [Image courtesy of Doris Whitehead]
I Barrow (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Ralph E 'Eric' Barras (II) ["Swineherd"]["Saloon Bar"]
Alan Barker (III) [2nd Chairman, Choral Soc.]
Ray Barter (III) [Football Colours][Men's Hockey Blue][Hockey Mixed][Rugby]
Iris Beer (III) [Archery]["The Relapse"]
Bell [M] (III) [Football Colours]
Irene Bennett) (II) ["Merrie England"]["Foolishness of God"]
J Bennett (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Olive Bird (III) [Pepys Court]
Alec Blackmore (II) ["Rope"]
Robert Bones (II) ["Othello"]["Androcles"]
Joann [Joan] Agnes Bowman   Born near Sevenoaks, Kent in 1922. After experiencing the bombing of London during World War II, Joann joined the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service. She was attached to the Royal Signal Corps where she became an intercept officer, intercepting German radio messages during the operations at Bletchley Park. In later years she enjoyed giving talks about these experiences to schools and other groups.
    Joann Agnes Bowman (1922-2011)
    After the war she enrolled at Wimpole Park Training College, and graduated as a teacher in the then experimental English Secondary Modern School System.During a trip to the United States she met and later married Fernand Schlaeppi, who came from Switzerland. She thereafter lived in America. She died at High Point, North Carolina on the 30 June 2011.
Nora Bounds (II) ["Othello"]["Rope"]
Helen Boyd (III) [Cromwell Court]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
    Wimpole Park Students 1949/1950
    (left to right) Doris Whitehead, Margaret Jopling, Helen Boyd, Betty Barnes and Pam Ford, outside Cromwell Court. [Image courtesy of Doris Whitehead]
Betty Bradley (III) ["The Relapse"]
May Brazier (II) ["Love and Learning"]
Connie Breakspear (III) [Secretary, Art and Craft Soc.][Hockey Mixed]
Louise Brown (II) ["Othello"]["Androcles"]
Marwood Eric Brown (?) Ex-57th Tank Training Regiment being demobbed in 1946 as a full sergeant. He trained as a teacher at Wimpole Park Training College, then specialised as a mathematics teacher at St Peter's College, Saltley, before taking up his first teaching post. This was at Nelson Street primary school in Birmingham. He then worked at Smethwick Hall Secondary school, Shirelands Secondary school, Pheasey School in Staffordshire and then at Barr Beacon Comprehensive School in Walsall. He initially served as Barr Beacon's head of lower school and then became deputy head. Mr Brown served on Birmingham City Council for nine years as a Labour councillor representing the wards of Ladywood, Nechells and Saltley for the Labour Party. He died in September 2007 at the age of 91.
Reg Bulbeck (III) [Men's Hockey Blue][Archery][Hockey Mixed]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
Rose Mary Bullen (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School Pupil?
Doris Burrows (II) ["Othello"]["Saloon Bar"]
Joan Burrows (II) ["Swineherd"]["Love and Learning"]["Saloon Bar"]
'Dinkie' Butler (III) [Netball Secretary]["The Relapse"]
W G ['Butch?] Butler (II) ["Rope"]["Saloon Bar"]
Phil/Phyl Carroll (III) [Badminton Colours]["The Relapse"]
P Chamberlain (II) ["Othello"]
Liz Charles (III) [Secretary, Country Dancing Soc.]["The Relapse"]
Primrose Charter (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School Pupil?
Denis Cheason (III) [Badminton Colours]
John Clark (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
Ron College (III) [Badminton Colours]
Paul Collier (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
Frances Collin (III) [Cromwell Court]
Freda Collins (II) ["Foolishness of God"] Author of?
Margaret Colly (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
John Conway (III) [Brooke Court][Social Editor of 1950 Yearbook]
Eileen Cook (II) ["Rope"]
Romain Coolus (II) ["Love and Learning"] Author of?
Queenie Cooper (II) ["Foolishness of God"]["Saloon Bar"]
Harry Coulson (III) ["The Relapse"]
Horace Cotton (III) [Pet marmalade cat adopted by Cotton Court. Honourary student. Low academic achievement. "Morning offerings of mice and baby rabbits not always appreciated."]
Richard "Dick" Crack (II) ["Othello"]["Claudia"]["Saloon Bar"]
B Croxon [F] (III) [Secretary, Choral Soc.]
E Davenport (M) (III) [Rugby]
Margaret Dawson (II) ["Merrie England"]
P Denham [M] (III) [Rugby]
Doreen Digby (III)  
    Wimpole Park Students 1949/1950
    Doreen Digby on left, in front of Wimpole Hall. With C Houghton (centre) and Joan Marais (right). [Image courtesy of Mrs Peers (nee 'Pixie' Taylor)]
Molly Dore (III) [Sports Editor of 1950 Yearbook][Hockey Mixed]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
Barbara Drake (II) ["Merrie England"]["Swineherd"]["Foolishness of God"]
Martin Dullard (III) [Hockey Mixed][Rugby]
Ralph Dye (III) [Men's Hockey Blue][Hockey Mixed]
Den[n]is Eades (III) [Men's Hockey Blue][Rugby]["The Relapse"]
Molly Eagle (III) [Cromwell Court]
Graham Edwards (II) ["Rope"]["Foolishness of God"]
Gladys Elsmore (II) ["Merrie England"]
E Emslie (F) (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
'Jimmie' Epps (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
Stan Evans (III) [Rugby]["The Relapse"]
Joyce Exelby (II) ["Androcles"]
Patricia Fisher (III) [Pepys Court]
Phil Fisher (II) ["Rope"]
Marion Fletcher (II) ["Merrie England"]
Pam Ford (III) [Cromwell Court] Previously a nurse and land girl. Became engaged to Howard Gilbert of Sedgewick Court during Session.
    Wimpole Park Students 1949/1950
    (left to right) Doris Whitehead, Margaret Jopling, Helen Boyd, Betty Barnes and Pam Ford, outside Cromwell Court. [Image courtesy of Doris Whitehead]
Audrey Foster (II) ["Foolishness of God"]
Wilfred Franklin (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
Madge Freeman (III) [Cromwell Court][Netball Team][Badminton Colours][Hockey Mixed]
Freer [F] (III) Married name Belton.
W [Bill] Fribbens (II) ["Othello"]["Rope"]
Anne Frith (III) [Archery][Instructor Ballroom Dancing Soc.]
Tony Geerts (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
S Gibbons (II) ["Othello"]
H Gilbert (III) [Assistant Secretary, Students' Union]
Victor G Gilbert (II) ["Merrie England"]["Love and Learning"]
Mary Gilder (III) [Netball Team][Badminton Colours][Tennis Secretary]
Eric Gittins (II) ["Othello"]["Androcles"]
Alan Goats (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Phil [Phyl?] Goff (III) [Brooke Court][Netball Chairman]
Pat Goodwin (II)
["Merrie England"]
[Taylor Court]
Eric Green (III) [President, Students' Union][Vice-President, Students' Union][News Editor of 1950 Yearbook][Rugby]
["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
T Green [F] (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Sacha Guitry (II) ["Villa for Sale"] Author of?
E H Hammelburger (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Phyl[lis?] Hanneman (III) [Pepys Court]
Katherine Harding (III) ["The Relapse"]
Don Harrison (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
Eddie Harvey (III) [Football Half-Colours][Men's Hockey Blue][Hockey Mixed][Rugby]["The Relapse"]
R 'Ray' J Harvey (II) ["Merrie England"]["Saloon Bar"]
Tom Harvey-Day (III) [Men's Hockey Blue - Vice Captain]
E Hately (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Cyril Headley (II) ["Rope"]
Leslie Heaster (II) ["Othello"]["Rope"]["Love and Learning"]
J 'Jim' Hemmings (II) ["Othello"]["Claudia"]
Arthur Graham Hind (I) Ex Captain in the Royal Army Service Corps. Later taught at Trent Bridge Secondry School in Nottingham.
G Hindhaugh [M] (III) [Ball Room Dancing Soc.][Football Colours]
S Hipsey [M] (III) [Parker Court][Rugby]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
P Hodgson (II) ["Othello"]
C Houghton (III) ["The Relapse"]
    Wimpole Park Students 1949/1950
    C Houghton (centre), in front of Wimpole Hall. With Doreen Digby (left) and Joan Marais (right). [Image courtesy of Mrs Peers (nee 'Pixie' Taylor)]
A Howe [F] (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Daisy Hughes (II) ["Othello"]["Saloon Bar"]
P Humpheys (II) ["Othello"]
Joan Humphries (III) [Hobson Court]
M Hunt (II) ["Merrie England"]
Nell Hunt (II) ["Foolishness of God"]["Claudia"]
T Hunt [M] (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Gordon Hyde (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
Johnson [M] (III) [Football Half-Colours]
V 'Vic' Johnson (II) ["Othello"]["Saloon Bar"]
J Jolly (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
David A Jones (II) ["Merrie England"]["Saloon Bar"]
Gwynne Jones (III) [Archery]
J O Jones (III) [Art Editor of 1950 Yearbook][Chairman, Art and Craft Soc.]
M Jones (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Margaret Jopling (III) [Cromwell Court]
  Wimpole Park Students 1949/1950
    (left to right) Doris Whitehead, Margaret Jopling, Helen Boyd, Betty Barnes and Pam Ford, outside Cromwell Court. [Image courtesy of Doris Whitehead]
Kilbey [M] (III) [Football Colours]
Ella Kilbey (III) ["The Relapse"]
B King (M) (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Donald King (II) ["Othello"]["Merrie England"]
D M Kippen (F) (II) [Hobson Court]["Merrie England"]
Jay Kirby (III) [Netball Team]
F E Latham (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Edgar Lee (III) [Men's Hockey Blue][Rugby]
George Lipscombe (III) [Men's Hockey Blue - Team Captain][Badminton Colours]
B Littleproud (III) [Newton Court][Rugby]["The Relapse"] G3AMK Amateur Radio Call Sign at WPTC.
Pat Longcraft (II) ["Othello"]["Saloon Bar"]
Bod(?) Lyndall (III) [Football Colours]["The Relapse"]
Vera MacIlvenny (II) ["Foolishness of God"]
Bill 'Jock' MacNiesh (III) [Men's Hockey Blue][Badminton Half Colours]
R McArthur (III) [Literary Editor of 1950 Yearbook][Secretary, Students' Union][Rugby]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
L McHugh (M) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Mary Malzer (II) ["Androcles"]["Foolishness of God"]
Arthur Mansfield (M) (II) ["Othello"]["Merrie England"]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Joan Marais (III) [Pepys Court][Secretary, N.U.T. Soc.]["The Relapse"]"Can sleep in her bed, with Comrade Joe Stalin pinned over her head"
    Wimpole Park Students 1949/1950
    Joan Marais (right), in front of Wimpole Hall. With Doreen Digby (left) and C Houghton (centre). [Image courtesy of Mrs Peers (nee 'Pixie' Taylor)]
E Marston (F) (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Sylvia Mash (III) [Netball Team][Hockey Mixed]
J Matthews (F) (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Donald Maxwell (II) ["Androcles"]
C May (II) ["Othello"]
Christoper May (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Peter May (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
William E May (II) ["Merrie England"]
Frank Maynard (I) Ex-Royal Navy served in Egypt and the Mediterranean during WW2.
    First Headteacher of Chancellor's School in Brookman's Park, later Headmaster at Welwyn Halford Secondary School for 16 Years. Died in 2017.
M J Meetham (F) (Staff?) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Betrram Millwood (II) ["Androcles"]
Mitchell [M] (III) [Football Half-Colours]
H Moll (M) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Alan Moore (III) [Men's Hockey Blue]
Steve Moore (II) ["Villa for Sale"]
David Morris (III) [Football Colours]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
Joyce Morrison (II) ["Rope"]["Merrie England"]["Foolishness of God"]["Claudia"]
Margaret Munro (II) ["Merrie England"]
Peter Nash (III) [Football Colours]["The Relapse"]
Joan Neale (III) [Assistant Secretary, Students' Union]
John Neale (III) [Rugby, Secretary][Rugby]
E Neilson (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
R T Newman (M) (Staff?) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Vin Nolan (II) ["Androcles"]
W 'Bill' Nuttall (III) [Football Half-Colours][Men's Hockey Blue][Hockey Mixed][Rugby]["The Relapse"]
R Ouzman (III) [Rugby][1st Chairman, Choral Soc.]
Dennis Paine (II) ["Othello"]["Saloon Bar"]
V Pethybridge (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
C Peters (M) (II) ["Merrie England"]
H Pepper (III) [Instructor Ballroom Dancing Soc.]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
F A Phillips (M) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Gordan Phillips (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School Pupil?
Stanley Pitt (II) ["Androcles"]
Fred Porter (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
John Poupart (II) ["Androcles"]
Richard ("Dick") Presland (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School Pupil?
Tom C Pryor (Staff?) (II) ["Merrie England"]
P Quin (II) ["Othello"]
Ron Radford (III) ["The Relapse"]
Betty Raines (III) [Pepys Court]
Iris Reffell (III) [Archery]
Patricia Reid (II) ["Androcles"]["Merrie England"]
Betty Reynolds (III) ["The Relapse"]
Frank Reynolds (II) ["Claudia"]
George Reynolds (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School Pupil?
Ronald 'Ron' E Richardson (II) ["Rope"]["Claudia"]
Lilian Riley (II) ["Othello"]["Merrie England"]["Villa for Sale"]["Saloon Bar"]
Arthur Robbins (III) [Sedgwick Court] "Married Bee Yates of Taylor Court"
J Roberts (M) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Simon Robinson (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School Pupil?
Hazel Roper (II) ["Othello"]
Edwin Rudd (I) Ex-RAF Signals. Involved in plays and revues at WPTC, forming the Wimpole Park Players. Started teaching at Salisbury Road Junior School in Hornchurch. In 1950 the Wimpole Park Players changed their name to the Romford Children's Theatre and toured in Europe. Since 1950, Edwin was active in live theatre all his life, including approximately forty Junior and twenty-nine Senior school plays, twenty-three Festivals and thirty-six Summer Theatre 'Shakespeares', as well as 'guesting' for other companies on a number of occasions. He directed more than thirty School Summer plays and a similar number of Nativity plays. Edwin was a great supporter of the National Theatre and attended almost every play, developing an encyclopaedic knowledge of British Theatre. Died in 1998. The Edwin Rudd Scholarship at the University of Exeter was founded in his name.
Eileen Rutherford (III) [Pepys Court]
Sanderson [F] (III) [Secretary Chess Soc.]
Alan Scarle (III) [Football Half-Colours][Tennis Treasurer]
Winifred Scott (II) ["Claudia"]
S Schofield [M] (III) [Rugby]
Geoffrey Senior (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School Pupil?
Marion 'Shelley' Shelford (III) [Hobson Court] "A war bride , with a little girl of five"
Wally Sherriff (III) [Brooke Court][Men's Hockey]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
Phil Sherwood (III) [Fencing]["The Relapse"]
O Sidwell [F] (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Joan Skipsey (III) [Editor of 1950 Yearbook][Vice-President, Students' Union]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"]
Barbara Smith (II) ["Villa for Sale"]["Saloon Bar"]
Evelyn Smith (II) ["Swineherd"] Author of?
Pat Smith (III) [Badminton Colours]["The Relapse"]
W Morton Smith (II) ["Rope"]["Claudia"]
E Smith-Wright (F) (III) ["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]
Denis Snell (III) [Football Colours][Badminton Half Colours][Fencing]
John C B Snelling (II) ["Rope"]
Charlie Sole (III) [Parker Court][Football Colours]
Chris Southgate (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]["Claudia"]
B Speakman (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Rita Stanley (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
D Stanway [M] (III) [Rugby]
Shirley Steer (II) ["Love and Learning"]
Gladys Steffen (II) ["Othello"]["Foolishness of God"]
George Stephens (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
A H Stewart-Jacks (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
R C Stewart (M) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Elva Sutton (II) ["Othello"]["Villa for Sale"]
Phyl[lis?] Swallow (III) [Pepys Court]
Derrick Tassie (II) ["Androcles"]
P 'Pixie' Taylor (III) [Instructor Ballroom Dancing Soc.][Chairman, Country Dancing Soc.]["A Midsummers-Night's Dream"]["The Relapse"] Married name 'Peers'.
P Tinlin (II) ["Othello"]
F Triggs (III) [Chess Soc.]
J Turner (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Kay Turner (III) [Netball Team][Hockey Mixed][Table Tennis]
Stella Tweed (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
Ruth Upton (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School Pupil?
Phyl Varah (III) ["The Relapse"]
William? 'Bill' Varah (III) [Brooke Court][Rugby, Captain]["The Relapse"]
Edna Vinall (II) ["Othello"]
Cynthia Wadham (III) ["The Relapse"]
W J Walker (M) (II) ["Merrie England"]
'Mickey' Walker (II) ["Saloon Bar"]
K Walter (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
M Walter (II) ["Othello"]["Saloon Bar"]
Brenda Wayman (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School pupil?
Edward 'Ted' Wakefield (II) ["Othello"]["Claudia"]
Iris Webster (III) [Pepys Court][Netball Team]
Theo L Wellington (II) ["Merrie England"]
Doris ['Riding'] Whitehead (III) [Cromwell Court]
    Wimpole Park Students 1949/1950
    (left to right) Doris Whitehead, Margaret Jopling, Helen Boyd, Betty Barnes and Pam Ford, outside Cromwell Court. [Image courtesy of Doris Whitehead]
G K Whitelock (M) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Barbara Wickenden (II) ["Othello"]["Claudia"]
E M Wilson (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]
Frank ['Tug'?]Wilson (II) ["Rope"]["Saloon Bar"]
Winterbone [M] (III) [Football Half-Colours]
Connie Winch (III) [Secretary, Country Dancing Soc.]["The Relapse"]
Lesley Wright (III) ["The Relapse"]
Gillian Yaffey (-) ["Swineherd"] WP School Pupil? Daughter of H Yaffrey?
'Bee' Yates (III) [Taylor Court] "Married Arthur Robbins of Sedgwick Court"
Frank Yates (III) [Archery]["The Relapse"]
M E Yates (F) (II) ["Merrie England"]

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